Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yes, his hair really does look like that

Donald Trump is known for his pomp and circumstance and his visit to the Triad did not disappoint.

Trump is here because he is launching a personal brand of furniture modeled after his lifestyle.

Members of the press arrived at Lexington Home Brands in Thomasville around 3:30 pm. They stashed us off to the side on a second floor landing overlooking the room below and looking straight on the balcony Trump was going to talk on.

We waited and made small talk.

The room smelled like chocolate and strawberries. I looked below me and there was a table filled with strawberries, the centerpiece was a chocolate fountain.

Ice sculptures dotted the room, an open bar was off to the side with a cocktail shrimp display flanking it.

I got the impression that I was on the set of "The Bachelor" instead waiting for the launch of a furniture line.

Several young ladies strolled the room, dressed in black cocktail dresses, they looked like they could have been pulled straight from last weeks Ms. USA pageant (which by the way Trump owns).

Lexington Home Brands associates were dressed in black suit coats with the Trump crest embroidered in gold on their chests.

The only thing missing was the rose ceremony.

The room slowly filled to standing room only. I would guess there were 150-200 industry people standing in front of the indoor balcony waiting for Trump to arrive at the invitation only event.

Then on cue, the theme song to the "Apprentice" came on over the speakers.

Enter Donald.

The room exploded with cheers and applause.

He strolled easily through the barricaded parts of the room to an elevator, riding it up to the level we in the press were on.

Exiting the elevator he spotted our cameras.

He paused and stood still, turning to face us.

Then came his iconic smile, a "v" for victory symbol and a wink.

Reaching the balcony he waited to be introduced by the president and chief executive officer of Lexington Home Brands.

Trump spoke on furniture, on the area-- but I'll cut to the chase.

The one thing he'll more than likely be most remembered for is his comments about Rosie O'Donnell.

Someone from the crowd asked Trump if Rosie would buy a piece of his furniture.

"We build a very high quality bed," replied Trump. "They're not strong enough for her."

Looks like the bad blood between the two isn't going anywhere fast.

Back to serious matters.

Trump praised the area saying, "It's an amazing place to buy furniture. I think it's the best place in the world to buy furniture, if people don't come here they're making a big mistake."

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