Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Made in the Triad

You hear it on the news all the time, XYZ Corp. is shutting down its local plant to move overseas.

You hardly ever hear of a company bringing its overseas operations back to the United States... until now.

The High Point based company Red Egg used to manufacture its entire furniture line in China. Now the company makes four pieces from its collection here in town and will add another four in the near future.

Owner Carol Gregg said she moved back to North Carolina to tap into the quality talent in the area.

"There's a huge quality difference, said Gregg. "We're making real furniture from manufactures who understand how to make furniture."

What makes this transition back to America all the more interesting is that the Red Egg collection is heavily Asian.

The irony for them was that they weren't able to get the diversity they needed in order to satisfy American costumers.

"We don't need that kind of volume," said Gregg. "We can be fashion forward."

In China production runs need to be large in order for the plants to manufacture them. Setting up shop here in High Point allows Red Egg to cater to each client's individual needs.

There is a lot of buzz here about a company making furniture in America again.

Gregg says that people are stopping by her space just to take a look at the line and see what the company is doing.

She says she gained two clients just because her furniture is made in the USA.

There is a downside to all of this. Gregg says that her prices have risen slightly since she brought the line back to America. She quickly added though that she's still within the same price range as she was when she operated out of China.

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