Thursday, March 08, 2007

Anyone can win...

Anyone can win. That's the theme today for sure. Not only in most cases is it true, but the fans and players believe it themselves. That, within itself, is a strange thing to say about the conference. Typically, there are plenty of good teams but more than two or three that could win? Not usually. ACC commish John Swofford said yesterday he could argue 9 teams from the ACC should make the NCAA tourney. He's obviously a homer, but there's a lot of truth to it. Conventional wisdom around here is 6, maybe 7. That's the beauty of the conference tournament. Pride is not only on the line but so is making the national tournament as well as seeding for teams like North Carolina. Think about it. If UNC wins, they likely get a #1 seed and will stay in North Carolina for rounds 1 and 2. There's a big belief that Clemson and Florida State will be playing today for a spot in the NCAA tournament. Can't get much more on the line for a first round conference game. How about Duke and NC State playing the first round? There is definitely a lot more excitement and buzz about these first round games than in the past. Now, you just have to get people off the beach and into a dark arena? This is truly a test to the pure heart ACC fan, because it is gorgeous here in Tampa! As I sip on my complimentary hotel coffee, it's definitely a good morning. Then again, it's the ACC tournament and if it was held in Siberia, I'd be feeling the same. Take that sunshine! But hey if it's here might as well enjoy it right!

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