Thursday, March 23, 2006

Duke in the ATL

It's been an interesting trip to Atlanta. I got the word on Monday that I would be going to Atlanta to cover Duke. I was on the way home from Dayton, OH where UNC had just lost in the second round. Jim Connors asked if I wanted the Duke beat for the rest of the way. I jumped at the chance. The biggest problem? I had to get ready to leave by Tuesday. Just enough time to run some various errands and of course wash clothes. Did I mention I left Dayton at 4am? Sleep is not a necessity during March Madness.

Tuesday my photograper, Gavin MacRoberts, and myself drove from North Carolina to the ATL. The drive was simple enough. Nothing worth noting except Gavin has over 3,000 songs on his MP3 player. I wonder how long of a road trip you'd have to take to go thorough 3,000 songs? Anyway we arrived safe and sound.

Wednesday we pick up our credientals at the Georgia Dome and our satellite truck operator arrived from Charlotte. Mark Smith is a laid back guy. We also have a crew from our Time Warner station in Austin, Texas working out of our truck but it has not gotten too hairy as of yet.

Now on to Duke and the Blue Devils first practice. J.J. Redick did not miss a free throw out of 20 attempts that I watched, saved one that was knocked off course by someone else shooting. Shelden Williams seems to be looking forward to his matchup with LSU's Glen 'Big Baby' Davis. Although Shelden downplayed it when addressing us media types. No shyness with Big Baby however. This kid is a sound bite waiting to happen. I don't think he's met a mic that he didn't like. Needless to say, an outspoken athlete, I love the kid. Davis and Williams will bang each other all night, the key is how will the refs call it. If it's a tightly called game I think that favors Davis because he can put the ball on the floor and draw contact. If they let them play physical that clearly favors Shelden because he can go after blocks without having to worry about a whistle.

Coach K on the sidelines during practice is very similar to his game approach. He rarely smiles and has a look of seriousness almost the entire time. Let's just focus will not be a problem when Duke and LSU tip off.

Stay tuned to News14 Carolina for more blogs, my live chat Thursday noon to 1, and all the highlites from LSU and Duke's Sweet 16 game on Sportsnight at 10. It's a halfhour of sports the right way!

I'm out


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Update from Jim Connors

George Washington could talk the talk, but in the end, could not walk the walk, not against Duke anyway. Totally outclassed by the Blue Devils. Duke seemed to put it's foot on GW's throat from the opening tip. The freshmen, Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts, made up for a subpar showing Thursday against Southern. Shelden Williams did as he pleased. JJ was lights out. Onto the Sweet 16 for Coach K and the boys.

Duke was so dominant that it seemed to suck the life out of the Greensboro Coliseum...not even the partisan Duke crowd could muster up much concern over the outcome. This despite the fact that the Colonials had come from 18 down to beat UNC-Wilmington. There would be no comeback on this day. The Devils made it a point, as Sean Dockery told me in the lockerroom, to "show no weakness". The highly touted Colonial press was never a factor. Paulus and McRoberts took great care of the ball.

Duke was up 11 at the break...then Sean Dockey and JJ Redick hits threes to open the second half.....and Duke never looked back.

Onto Atlanta for the Devils, possibly for me as well. Although my wife and kids wouldn't mind seeing the travel stop. It's been pretty rough on them. I appreciate their understanding..and sacrifice.


I hope the Wolfpack can swim

It started raining Friday afternoon and really hasn't stopped. I guess it's good for the Texas wildfires, but bad for carrying a tv camera around. I may need a boat to get out of here.

The Pack were giving all of the right answers in their pre-game news conference. I know most of this stuff is canned, but you could tell some of them believed it. I particularly liked the part where the players said they had to play pack basketball, and not worry about preparing for the Longhorns. They didn't have enough time to prepare. They all seemed relaxed and again confident. Let's see if the team can pull off another upset this year.

I'm off to the game.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

That's A Wrap

It's been real, I've had fun, but it's time to call it a tournament. It's back to the old "news" grind for me. In fact, while Duke was validating their 1st seed sending GW back to DC, I was editing a "Healthy Carolina" story for air Monday morning.

So the Devils are headed to Atlanta, I'm headed to Fuquay and hopefully anyone reading this at this hour is headed to bed.


Wolfpack play tight D in Big D

All the talk coming into this first round game was about Cal Forward Leon Powe. The Wolfpack proved they were the story Friday night holding the 6'8" forward to 14 points. The Bears' 52 points was a season-low. It was all about defense for the wolfpack.

There were some definite stars in this game. Sophomore center Cedric Simmons put the team on his back the first half. His determination and grit kept the pack in the game. Near the end of the game, the seniors took over. When Cal's Omar Wilkes hit a three pointer as the shot clock expired (in what all will call the luckiest shot ever), Tony Bethel came right back down the floor and hit a three of his own. This extended the pack's lead back to four. Then, with 32 seconds left, Cameron Bennermann hit the eventual game-winning three pointer. Final score 58-52.

As the team left the court, they couldn't contain their excitment. Screaming and jumping up and down. It was great to see this after the past month this team went through.

Other notes: This is the 4th time in 5 years the team advanced to the second round of the tournament. This was also only the 4th time the pack came back to win after trailing at half. It was the first time they won after trailing with less than ten minutes to play.

Go Pack!

Kudos to the Sideline Shutterbugs

After reviewing my last few entries, I'm thinking I should have spent the extra money on those courses at OU. Dangling prepositions, punctuation and spelling. My grammar not be so well. You'd a thunk I was a basketball player. "Now that was uncalled for." That was other voice I periodically hear inside my head. Or maybe it was Grandmother Barger from the rolling hill in Wisconsin. Does Wisconsin have rolling hills? How would I know? I was born there but never raised there. Boy, my therapist will double her fee after this tournament.

By far, Friday evening was the easiest day yet. Of course it was an off day so deadline pressure was minimal. Three packages, a live shot for news and a live half hour sports show later, big "G" was once again in my rearview mirror. On the road by 11:30p I rolled in the ole homestead at 12:30a.

These past two weeks have given me a greater appreciation for the guys and gals that do this fulltime. I was a sports shooter in Oklahoma City from '95 to '96. I went to Superbowl XXX, the All-Star game in Arlington, Mickey Mantel's funeral in big "D", the AAA World Series, the CHL National Championship, and the College World Series to name a few. It was a great ride. Now at 40, I prefer to watch the action from the armchair.

There's a lot of comradery behind the scenes. Need a battery, no problem. Feed your story to a station in New Jersey, no problem. Hold my microphone because I can't reach inside the media horde, no problem. Don't get me wrong, this game is just as competitive as the one on the court, but just like all games, we have to interact with each other off the court as well as on the court.

It always amazed me after a pro football game, after players pounded each other for four quarters, the opposing teams would embrace with great big smiles and talk about how the family was doing. In the end, we are all one big family. Just remember, don't turn your camera light on during the interview, keep you mic flag out of my shot and we'll all get along just fine.


Friday, March 17, 2006

Game Day for the Wolfpack

We are 6 hours away from tip off. I went to the team's practice yesterday. You would think the team would be tight after limping into the tournament with 4 straight losses, but that's not the case. They were joking around and having a good time. Most importantly, they seemed confident. They hope to be back in midseason form when they were nationally ranked. During the shootaround, they were hitting three's left and right. If they can do that against Cal, they stand a really good chance of advancing.

As far as fans, most haven't arrived yet. Those at the practice were with the band or boosters. I'm really hoping the fans turn out to support the team.

It appears much of the media decided to hope off the Wolfpack bandwagon. I've only seen one other station from NC here in town. Apparently, they decided to spend all of their resources on the other Carolina teams. That's disappointing because this team is tight and has a lot of heart. If they can get back to midseason form....they could make a run in this tournament.

Hopefully, I'll be writing more good news after the game.

Glamour and Glory?

Friday March 17th

Oh, the glamour of covering the NCAA tournament. Sixteenth seed holding their own against the renowned No. 1 seed. A buzzer beating shot sending the game into overtime. And of course the upsets. How did Oklahhoma lose to UW Milwaukee? My wife's a Sooner, my oldest daughter is an Okie, and I've spent half my life in Oklahoma so by default, I'm an Okie too. I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma. I was accepted at OU, but they wanted me to repeat a bunch of courses I had already taken. I'd spent enough money on higher ed. UCO class of 90 rocks. By the way, I was born in Wisconsin. Go Panthers or Badgers or Packers. See what happens to a young man when he's ripped from his home state at 6 months old.

So a B.A. in Broadcasting and 15 years later, I'm shoulder to shoulder with about 50 other photographers and millions of dollars in equipment to help bring you the glamour and glory. What they don't tell you in journalism school is you will be sitting on folding chairs in a flourescent lit room rolling on a feed of the game and you are not allowed on the floor during the game.

The good news, it's all the popcorn, soda, Milkyway bars and ice cream you can eat. Now that's what I'm talking about. The NCAA does provide a daily meal, but they could sure take a few tips from the ACC. I'm hear to tell ya, the desserts alone at the ACC tournament are to die for. I've never seen such a variety of cheesecake, and I was born in Wisconsin.

So if I'm just rolling on a feed, how do I justify the expense of sending me here? It all comes down to the locker-room. That's where the combat begins. Everyone is jockeying for position. It's like a ballet, but chaotic. Sometimes the only shot of a player's face comes between a press pass dangling from a reporter's neck and a MP3 player in the clutches of a hand still greasy from the free popcorn. God forbid if you turn on your camera light before a player finishes a question. That quickly gets you into the sportcaster's Hall of Shame.

The funniest thing to watch is the press core corralled around an empty chair hoping JJ Redick will grace us with his presense. He didn't after the Duke Southern game. After waiting on Sheldon Williams to slowly get dressed and with only four minutes left in the locker-room, we finally got the sound we needed for our story. It was put to bed at 2am. I went to bed at 4am.

Oh the glamour and glory.


Hwy 421

Thursday March 16th

The "Bus" may have retired in Pittsburg this year, but this bus is still a truckin'. The company was good enough to offer a hotel room in the big "G", but I'm the bus driver for a 4 year old little girl in Fuquay Varina. Every morning we are up by 7am and off to school by 8, so that means I'm hauling it back home every night on Hwy 421.

Funny how you get to know a road when you drive it over and over again. I did the same for the ACC tournament. You start noticing the same abandoned cars. I can't help but wonder how these folks are getting by without their "wheels". If my "school" is down a bus, it's a mad balancing act between school, track practice, taekwondo, etc. And by the way, who's idea was it to hang a white rag out the driver's window to indicate your car has broken down? It seems pretty obvious to me. Maybe this prevents preditory tow trucks from hauling off a car while some photographer, driving home late from a basketball tournament, pulls over for a quick road side break because the gas stations are few and far between on Hwy 421.


Props to the folks at Wendy's in Siler City for cooking up a batch of hot fries at 1am.
French fries and a frosty. Is there anything better at 1am?


The first day in Dayton

Today seems to be our businest day here. As a photographer I'm responsible for setting up the Satellite truck to feed video back to North Carolina, I then have to go inside the arena to set up the equipment to record off the NCAA video feed they are providing the media. The set up is not bad making sure that everything is working properly is usually where it can be tricky (you have to rely on others to make sure that there equipment is working properly). Back in North Carolina as part of my preparation I made a call the arena officials and the gave me an ideal where to park the Satellite truck and what the rules are, so I was not blind coming in. Terry and I grab bite to eat at the hotel (when you are on road trips carbs are your friend since you don't know when you may eat again) and we are off to the University of Dayton Arena. We arrive early and get a prime parking spot. Then we are off to the inside of to see where the media is stationed at. After getting our credential we go through what seems like a maze, but the good thing is that the NCAA has large blue signs everywhere; I follow the TV media signs, a right, then a left, then another right, down a hill and half way down the hill on the left is the TV compound (it cozy so everybody has to be understanding of one another). So after a five minute scope of things we head back to the truck and start the journey of transporting our record equipment. Actually on the outside I notice that they have a better parking spot for the Satellite truck so I decide to move while doing that Terry is transporting the equipment inside(teamwork is the only way to suceed). Once re-positioned I transported the rest of the equipment inside. Once inside we begin what can be the most nerve racking part of the whole trip: setting it up. With most photographers when we have to set up equipment for any type of recording or live event we like to get there as early as possible. Our first real assignment is not for a good two hours but I'm treating like it was going to happen in 10 minutes. I really believe that in order to have things go come off smoothly you must be in an intense almost panic mode. Where do we plug in for video and audio, is it connected right to our equipment, is our equipment set up right, are we getting proper video and sound? These are just some of the questions you keep going over and over in your mind until you have tested it numerous times and find no flaws. We get that done just in time for the practice to start.

Mission One is complete:
Now that the Satellite truck and record equiptment is set up and working properly, we now move to our second half of the days getting the teams interview and open practice. The good thing about us is that the Tarheels are last on at 4:30, so that gives up time to rest. Oh yeah Davidson (another North Carolina team) is in the Dayton bracket as well and they are first up. So after we get some interviews from them and few shots of the practice we feed that back to the station along with a report from Terry being here in Dayton. So it's 2pm and we have a couple hours of down time. Lunch is in order so we go and grab that. In the news business it can be a situation where you have a long day but the busiest part will be the end of the day this is one of those days. We know that both of our stories will have to be shot and edited in the a small window of time (like three hours) oh yeah along with live shots.

Mission Two:
As we are waiting I start seeing that Carolina Blue show up in the back areas of the arena. I know that it's close. The I look out in the hallway from the coumpound and see a very tall kid in blue with braids walking down the hill to the locker room area. It's showtime THE TARHEELS are in the building looking for a repeat of last year. I gearing up to shot the fans, very tall people who make dunks, jumpshots and the game of basketball look effortless. Terry and I make our way through the crowd to the sea of Carolina blue. I never realized that there were so many Tarheels fans in Ohio. I think it's the colors that got them hooked (having a basketball dynasty doesn't hurt either). That 90 minutes of shooting went really fast for me, by the time I was done it looked had been practing with them. Off to the compound and put the stories together. That part went like a blur too Terry wrote and I cut the stories went outside; set up the live shot for the first story did that one at 8pm turned right back around and did it another story on the team with another live shot for the sports show. We are done by 11pm. Found a meal and was back in the hotel by Midnight watching my eyelids at 12:45.

All in all the day went smoothly so I'm feeling good because this was the busiest day of the weekend. I just have to remember not to get lax because the games start tomorrow and that is when we cover the reason why we drove nine and a half hours. It's work but it is exciting.


The Life of a Photog at the NCAA's

Up until know you have heard the sportscasters point of view(no disrespect to Jim or Terry). When your responsible for getting all that happens at your tournament site back North Carolina for viewers to watch you have a little different perspective so let me allow you to step into my world.

After the selection show I found out I was traveling to Dayton with the Tarheels. I had traveled before but with traveling sometimes that is your first time going to that place so you are a little nervous because you have never been there before and don't know what to expect. I previously was a resident of Dayton so I had a little more comfort since I kind of knew the area. Now it gets interesting, Terry and I are taking a Satellite truck (which means driving). For the next two days I'm making sure the Satellite truck is serviced and getting everythingwe need plus the "just in case" supplies as well. The plan is simple The Tarheels play on Friday (and Sunday if the win Friday) we travel up Wednesday, set up and do a couple of stories on fans and practice Thursday,cover the games and reaction the rest of the weekend.

We are off to Dayton from Raleigh, oh yeah it's about nine and a half hours of driving. Here's the fun part you have to drive through the hills of Virginia and West Virginia with a very large and bulky Satellite truck. If that was not enough it's very windy. You have a lot time to think about you plan of action for the weekend. This was first trip to the NCAA tournament but from Terry's and others at the station the setup would be easy. The NCAA set everything up so all we have to do is plug our equipment into there's and they will do the rest. So after developing a plan in my mind I still had eight and a half hours left to drive. I play a little game with myself to make the drive a little less brutal. I break it down in segments, this is how my segments went, make it to Virginia (stop and have lunch), then through the tunnels to West Virginia, then over the toll road, then to Ohio and we are there.
News Fans:
No matter where you go if you are driving a large vehicle with large writing on the sides you are bound to run into a news fan or two and this trip is no exception. In Virginia at lunch we met Libby, Libby was an attendant at the Travel America truckstop, she met me and Terry at the gas pump asking us the usually question, where are you from, where you going, and why are you going there? After a five minute conversation with her Terry and I went inside for some lunch. About half way through our lunch we see Libby walking towards us she grabs a chair from the next table and sits down near us and starts a converation. Terry and I just looked at each and went with the flow, it was a little awkward but she was harmless (I think she was a little sweet on Terry).
The rest of trip went fine I did have a pleasant surprise when we stopped for gas in Ohio. I notice that there was a McDonald's across the street, remembering that it was St. Patrick season I have always loved Shamrock shakesfrom my childhood. The McDonald's in the south don't sell them so I had to go in and grab one,they even had them in three different sizes. Terry was laughing at me because I probably looked like a giant kid enjoying my Shamrock shake, truth be told I was a little kid for at least 10 minutes. Two hours later we are in our hotel room getting some rest because Thursday will be a long day, which you can read in my next blog.


Jim's recap from Greensboro

Hey there. It's 4am Friday and my Thursday still isn't over yet. Had to give out props for the great basketball we saw Thursday in Greensboro. And to everybody who checked in on the live web chat. What a day (and night).

After Wichita State laid waste to Seton Hall, Winthrop nearly showed 2nd seeded Tennessee the door. If not for a rather fortunate, timely shot by a guy who had not made one the entire second half, the Eagles might still be alive. At the very least, they earned some respect.

Best game of the day, hands down, UNC Wilmington versus George Washington. Needed overtime. Back and forth..big time shots. Looked like the Seahawks had it in hand midway through the second half. But to GW's credit...they fought back and eventually outlasted UNCW.

Duke survived, but did not look good against Southern. Shelden Williams and JJ Redick looked good...29 points apiece. But those freshmen who were the toast of the town in last week's ACC tournament were MIA last night. They know it. I expect a better effort Saturday against GW. They'll need it.

Until next time.

Jim C.

Day 2 in Dayton

Okay let's be real. You guys know I'm from the south. Snow just ain't my thing. Yet the snow seems to follow me when I cover the NCAA Tournament. Last year in Syracuse it started to snow just before my first live-shot, and tonight in Dayton just before my live-shot it started snowing. I don't know what to do myself.

Moving on. UNC held it's open practice today and it was what you would expect, a glorified stretching session. The Heels did not run a set, or show anything that might be of consequence that could be scouted for their first game against Murray State. The highlite of the night was the final four minutes of practice where the Tar Heels put on a display for the fans. Dunks, dunks, and more dunks! Reyshawn Terry's hops are ridiculous!!! That kid can jump out of the gym, but David Noel is still the best dunker on the team.

Speaking of Noel he is clearly the unquestioned leader. It seemed that he picked up some leadership qualities from Sean May and Raymond Felton. Noel has told anyone who would listen all season that the Heels would be okay. A #3 seed in the NCAA tournament, yeah I'd say that's okay. Noel, a senior, has taken the young boys under his wing and shown them the Carolina way. Not that he's a slouch on the floor, but Noel's biggest asset may be his will. The Durham native has willed Carolina to the Big Dance and says Carolina is just getting started. UNC gets started officially tomorrow in the NCAA Tournament, check News14 Carolina for all your coverage.

Like a 2 cent light bulb, I'm out.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jim Connors back in Greensboro

Back in Greensboro for the second time in three days. The 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Tournament will be hard pressed to match the ACC Tournament that went down last week.

Duke hit the practice floor Wednesday. While the crowd was solidly in their corner...there were a few folks in the stands sporting powder blue colors who suggested the only reason the Tar Heels were in Dayton, rather than Greensboro, was due to politicking by one Mike Krzyzewski. Naturally, Coach K insisted he wields no such power.

While Duke is heavily favored, it's hard not to feel for its opening round opponent, Southern University. Thanks to Katrina, the Jaguars have had no gym to call their own this season. Given what they've been through, don't expect them to roll over for Duke.

Keep checking out News 14 Carolina on TV and the web. We're just getting cranked up.

Let the games begin!

Jim Connors

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Terry's Arrived in Dayton with UNC

After a nine hour drive News 14 Carolina has arrived in Ohio. What did I learn today? I had no idea that there were so many mountains in West Virginia. My photographer Maurice Griffin and myself caught quite a few looks on the highway. Apparently seeing a News 14 satellite truck and Escape following behind will make people take notice. People were very nice everywhere we stopped. (You can't beat the south.) We even heard a couple of fans say go Heels.

Carolina begins practice at University of Daytona Arena tomorrow. We will be there and you can tune in for our first reports from Dayton at 1 on News 14 Carolina. And you can catch all the local NCAA coverage you can handle on Sportsnight at 10. It's a half hour of sports the right way!

See ya


Wolfpack in the Big D

Greetings from Dallas, Texas. I just arrived here a few hours ago getting ready for NC State to play California in the first round of the NCAA tournament. For those who follow the pack, what a difference a year makes. If you'll remember, last year the team played in the chilly conditions up in the NE during its Sweet 16 run. This year...much warmer. That being said, the welcome is the exact opposite. While in Syracuse, the red carpet was rolled out for NC State. There were signs everywhere and everyone wanted to know about the team. In Dallas, workers at the team hotel didn't even know they were coming. I guess that's what you get in a big town.

Anyway, it's exactly 2 days until game time. I'm interested to see the fan interest in this team following the disappointing end of the season. A month ago, everyone thought the pack would be a high seed. Now, they're an underdog again in the first round. But then again, the team did well in that role last year. Let's just hope they can make California look like UNCC and Texas like UCONN.

I'm off to go meet the team as they arrive at their hotel. At least they'll be one person there welcoming them.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NCAA Tournament blogs

Thanks to everyone who visited our blog for the ACC Tournament. Stay tuned for coverage from the NCAA Tournament with blogs from reporters Tim Boyum, Shawn Flynn, sports anchors Jim Connors and Terry Brooks, and photographers Mark Barger and Maurice Griffin. Also, don't miss more online chats - on Thursday (3/16), chat with Jim Connors from 6pm - 7pm. And on Friday (3/17), it's another chat with Terry Brooks from 6 pm - 7 pm.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

One word describes it all

Duke wins 78-76

A last-second heave by Boston College missed just to the right as Duke beats the Eagles 78-76 to win the 53rd ACC Tournament Championship. Greg Paulus missed his second free throw, so had the 3-pointer gone in, BC would have won its first ACC Championship. When the ball was in the air, a pin drop could be heard throughout the coliseum, but when it missed to the right, the crowd erupted in cheers with a few groans mixed in.

Craig Smith and Tyrese Rice both colapsed to the floor knowing they came up just short. While most Duke players ran to each other and to their bench to celebrate, Duke's Sean Dockery went to first Smith and then Rice, helped pick them up off the court and congratulated them. He gave Rice a hug, and I thought it was a tremendous show of good sportsmanship, especially considering what had transpired earlier in the day between Paulus and Hinnant.

J.J. Redick led the way for Duke with 26 points and Louis Hinnant surprisingly was BC's top scorer today with 20 points.

Final stat leaders:

Boston College
Points - Louis Hinnant - 20 pts
Rebounds - Craig Smith - 10 rbs
Assists - Craig Smith - 7 ast

Points - J.J. Redick - 26 pts
Rebounds - Shelden Williams - 8 rbs
Assists - J.J. Redick - 4 ast

Here is your 2006 ACC All-Tournament Team:

First Team
J.J. Redick, DUKE**
Shelden Williams, DUKE
Tyler Hansbrough, UNC

**Denotes Tournament MVP

Second Team
Greg Paulus, DUKE
Josh McRoberts, DUKE
Reyshawn Terry, UNC
Eric Williams, WAKE FOREST

Duke on verge of championship

It would be the progam's 16th ACC Championship.

Duke is 79-37 all-time in the ACC Tournament, including a 29-15 mark at the Greensboro Coliseum. Duke has advanced to the tournament championship every year since 1998 and has a 24-2 record in that time span including a 22-1 mark the last seven years with six ACC Championships. Coach K is 41-15 at the ACC Tournament. (

MVP: Redick or Smith?

Craig Smith has 19 points for Boston College and Redick has 26 points for Duke.

One minute remaining here in Greensboro. Whichever team wins, their star will earn MVP honors I'm sure.

J.J. breaks yet another record

J.J. Redicks 3-pointer at the 2 minute mark in the second half broke the mark for the most career points in the ACC Tournament.

Duke/UNC lead apparel sales

People all around Greensboro say despite the fact that Duke is having a better ACC Tournament, Duke and UNC gear are both selling a pretty even rate. The edge might go to Duke if they beat BC. Some fans say they are holding out to buy "ACC Champions" t-shirts. I asked about N.C. State gear and how well it was selling because the other day I was told N.C. State was in third. When I asked how State stuff was selling though, one vender just pointed to a big pile of Wolfpack t-shirts and said, "Umm, those are all the N.C. State shirts right there." While the Duke and North Carolian gear was dwindling, they were having a tough time selling the State stuff.

BC handling ball better this half

In the first half, BC committed 9 turnovers that Duke turned into 14 points. BC meanwhile only score one point off of Duke turnovers.

This half, they are doing a much better job of protecting the basketball. That means Duke is having to work a lot harder on the offensive end to score.

Thanks to some tic-tac-toe passing a minute ago on the interior, BC now holds a 63-61 lead with 5:13 left to play.

Duke playing well against BC's Smith

Craig Smith had not scored a point here in the second half until he was fouled and made the basket a few seconds ago. He will go to the line after the TV timeout, but the combination of Shelden Williams and Josh McRoberts has worked well for the Devils.

It is now a 6-point game as BC makes a run of its own.

Duke making run

Ignited by Josh McRoberts and now J.J. Redick, the Duke Blue Devils are running away with the ACC Tournament Championship right now thanks to a 17-3 run. Redick just hit yet another three and jogged down the court with his arms in the air. It's the loudest I have heard the Greensboro Coliseum thus far this tournament.

The Devils are up 10 points now at 57-47 with 11:45 remaining.

Things get chippy in Greensboro

A shoving match broke out between Boston College's Louis Hinnant and Duke's Greg Paulus. Some unsportsmanlike fouls will be given out, and the refs talked with both coaches to get things under control.

Duke 35, Boston College 31

Halftime stat leaders:

Boston College
Points - Jared Dudley - 10 pts
Rebounds - Craig Smith - 6 rbs
Assists - Louis Hinnant - 3 ast

Points - J.J. Redick - 10 pts
Rebounds - Three tied with 3 rbs
Assists - J.J. Redick - 3 ast

Raising 'Em Right

The following four pictures are of fathers who are raising their kids to love the same sports teams they do. I'm sure all of these kids were born with basketballs in their cribs.

John Goodman with son Max. Max's favorite player is Eric Williams.

Tony Hartnett with sons Joe (left) and Adam (right). Joe and Adam's favorite player is J.J. Redick.

David Jones with son Eli. Eli's favorite player is Ilian Evtimov.

Rick Jaklitsch with son David. David's favorite player is Mike Jones.

Ahh, now this is what I'm talking about

Now THIS is what I like. It may not be as pleasing to the eye, but you can't argue with the kid's passion. He is up at every timeout waving his sign like a Cameron Crazy, Class of 2020.

Read the "Kinkos" post for more.

Duke doing better job on 'D'

Coach K has said the problem with his team is that they foul too much on defense. With only 6 minutes to go though in the second half, Duke has only 5 fouls and one of those came on the offensive end because of an illegal screen. Not only that, but J.J. Redick took a charge, so the Blue Devils are heeding their coach's words and trying to keep the Eagles off the foul line.

For BC, they are going to have to get more people involved that just Smith and Dudley. Everytime Smith gets the ball down low, the taller McRoberts is right there behind him with help coming if he needs it.

Duke dominating inside

Duke is doing to Boston College what BC did to both Maryland and North Carolina; they are dominating the paint on offense and forcing BC into turnovers around the perimeter on defense.

The Duke lead is 8 points at 22-14 and both Shelden Williams and J.J. Redick have 6 points for the Devils.

Why Kinkos is ruining sports arenas

You see signs like this one at arenas all over the country. I love that kids like the one pictured above have so much team spirit, but I miss the signs you used to see -- the ones on poster board that had imperfections but that you knew the kid holding it took a long time to make.

Nowadays you see all these picture-perfect signs that probably set Dad back a few dollars but didn't take anytime for the kid to make. Usually I can care less what the actual signs say, but I love the fact that a kid spent all day making it. Now I'm robbed of that because of signs that take two seconds to make but look better on SportsCenter.

Championship time is here

This is how Greensboro looks today for the ACC Championship. Duke fans definitely make up the majority here and they are LOUD, but Boston College has a few surrogate fans made up mainly of Carolina and Maryland fans. Look at the pictures above and you should get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Will Duke capture it's 16th ACC Tournament Championship or will Boston College win one in its first year in the league? We have 40 minutes to decide it... here comes the tip.

Championship Sunday: Boston College vs. Duke

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Heels fall in semis

Craig Smith and Jared Dudley powered Boston College over North Carolina 85-82 Saturday in the semifinals. Boston College will play Duke tomorrow for the ACC Championship in BC's first year in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Smith and Dudley combined for 44 points as BC shot a remarkable 61% from the floor for the game. The Golden Eagles used a 9-0 run midway through the second half to pull away from the Heels. BC managed to hold off a couple late charges by the Tar Heels including one in the final seconds that narrowed the score to 85-82.

Tyrese Rice missed the front end of a 1-1, but BC grabbed the rebound to seal the win.

Hansbrough led all Tar Heel scorers with 23 points but the Heels needed another big body down low to help defend Smith. In addition to his 23 points, Smith grabbed down 15 rebounds and dished out four assists.

If I had to give tournament MVP honors out today without watching tomorrow's game, Smith would get the trophy, hands down.

In both games today, a star player on the losing team got in foul trouble and ended up playing limited minutes. In the first game today, that player was Justin Gray for Wake Forest. In the second game, it was Carolina's Reyshawn Terry. Terry had 3 fouls going into halftime and picked up his fourth early in the second half. He fouled out with 2.7 seconds remaining.

In perhaps a nod to the Tar Heels, BC used Dean Smith's "Four Corners" to help milk the clock away.

Final stat leaders:

Boston College
Points - Craig Smith - 23 pts
Rebounds - Craig Smith - 15 rbs
Assists - Louis Hinnant - 11 ast

North Carolina
Points - Tyler Hansbrough - 23 pts
Rebounds - Tyler Hansbrough 11 rbs
Assists - Bobby Frasor - 4 rbs

Down 8, 7:00 to go. Will the Heels come back?

The Greensboro Coliseum is sure pulling for the Tar Heels. On every made bucket, the Coliseum lights up. There are two decidedly pro-BC crowds (BC's section and Duke's section,) but the rest of the crowd gets on its feet and pulls for the Tar Heels whenever they can, (which hasn't been quite as often here in the second half.)

The guys in stripes

I've been pretty impressed with the officiating at this year's tournament. I think the biggest compliment you can give an officiating group is to tell them they have been invisible. There have been a few close calls that die-hard fans might not agree with on each and every team, but on a whole, I have to say the guys in stripes have done an outstanding job.

Eagles pulling away from Heels

Tyler Hansbrough has been very quiet for the Tar Heels this half, and no other Heel has picked up the slack. Carolina's ACC Freshman of the Year has just 2 points in the second half with 11:21 left to play. BC's size is still dominating the game on both sides of the court. Craig Smith can play inside-outside with Boston College's perimeter players because his talent always draws a double-team, and Smith knows how to find the open man. If the double does not come, he is skilled enough to beat his man one-on-one.

The Tar Heels need to work the ball inside-out, as well, but when they've tried, they've turned it over. Boston College is very long and gets their hands on the entry passes to the post.

Terry has FOUR fouls

Reyshawn Terry will take a seat on the Tar Heel bench with four fouls after getting called for a charge on the offensive end.

Roy sends in "blue" team

Carolina head coach Roy Williams was not happy with how the Tar Heels started out the second half and sent in five new players... the old "blue" team. Williams has done it several times this year -- most notably against Duke -- and the Tar Heels have responded just about every time.

This time Marcus Ginyard hit a three pointer from the left side and then the Tar Heels forced BC to turn the ball over.

As I submit this, all five starters are checking back into the ball game and should be back after the TV timeout.

Long three gives BC edge at halftime

Boston College 43, North Carolina 42

Both teams shot the ball very well from the floor in the first half but a late three gave Boston College the one point halftime lead.

The Tar Heels shot 50% from the floor in the first half and BC easily bettered that shooting a remarkable 67%. The Tar Heels are not doing a good job against BC's size whatsoever.

Here are your halftime stat leaders:

Boston College
Points - Craig Smith - 13 pts
Rebounds - Craig Smith - 6 rbs
Assists - Two tied with 3 ast

North Carolina
Points - Tyler Hansbrough - 13 pts
Rebounds - Tyler Hansbrough - 8 rbs
Assists - Two tied with two

Heels sharp from long range

Wes Miller, David Noel, and Reyshawn Terry are all shooting the ball pretty well from long range and giving UNC fans something to cheer about.

BC is hanging tough, however, and UNC can't pull away. There have been a few big momentum changes in this game although I don't think it has affected the score very much. David Noel's dunk ignited the Tar Heel crowd early, but a Boston College block on Tyler Hansbrough stole the momentum right back.

I love seeing the families of players here cheering for their sons, brothers and nephews. Hansbrough's brother is here at the game wearing the Carolina jersey with the grey on the top that all the ACC teams wore during the Big Ten-ACC Challenge. Those two look exactly alike; it's scary.

I don't think any relative will ever have as much school spirit as Eric Williams' mother though. She's a "can't-miss" at all the Wake Forest games.

BC's size tough for Heels inside

When you look out on the court, the Tar Heels are giving up a few inches and a lot of pounds at every single position right now, and Boston College is making them pay for it inside the post. The Tar Heels are hanging tough thanks to the 3-point shooting of Wes Miller and some good defense by David Noel.

BC is the only ACC team Roy Williams' squad has not beaten this year. I think Boston College's size is the reason why.

In their last game at the Smith Center on January 25th, the Golden Eagles shot 54% from the floor for the game. The Tar Heels will have to make sure they give BC lower-percentage looks today but it isn't happening so far.

The slipper doesn't fit, Wake's season over

Wake Forest 66, Duke 78

For Wake Forest, their season is over, and for Duke, it's business as usual as they head to yet another ACC Championship game.

Duke used a 9-0 run at the 8-minute mark to pull away from Wake Forest and take a 14-point lead. No one Devil really stood out in this game. I'm not saying no one on Duke played well because that's not true at all. Greg Paulus might very well have had a career day in Greensboro, but you can't overlook the contributions of Josh McRoberts, Shelden Williams or J.J. Redick either.

McRoberts dunks including a follow-up dunk on a missed Redick three really ignited the Duke crowd and gave the team energy I have not seen in five games.

Also, Shelden Williams was phenomenal for Duke down low and took away the post from Eric Williams late in the ballgame.

It was a pedestrian game for Redick, meaning he still led the team in scoring but not by as many as usual.

For Wake Forest, it was a heck of a run. The team was not expected to last past 3pm Thursday and here they are on Saturday battling Duke blow for blow for nearly the entire game. Justin Gray and Eric Williams may not play another game in a Wake Forest uniform, but their play during this tournament should speak volumes to the sscouts out there. I can't say for sure whether they will find homes in the NBA after this season but they are great college players and an NBA team would be wise to take a chance on them.

Final game stat leaders:

Wake Forest
Points - Eric Williams - 23 pts
Rebounds - Eric Williams - 12 rbs
Assists - Justin Gray - 6 ast

Points - J.J. Redick - 20 pts
Rebounds - Josh McRoberts - 8 rbs
Assists - Greg Paulus - 5 ast

Duke in driver's seat with 7 mins left

With 6:57 left to play at this TV timeout, Duke has taken control of this game thanks to a dunk by Josh McRoberts that ignited the Duke crowd and gave the Devils some much needed momentum.

Wake Forest is still killing Duke on the boards, but Duke is shooting the ball much better now and a three by DeMarcus Nelson has pushed the Duke lead to 8 points at 63-55. Duke's Greg Paulus will be at the free throw line for two shots when play resumes.

Duke out front thanks to Paulus

Duke might have two pre-season All-Americans and two first-team All-ACC selections, but it is rookie point guard Greg Paulus leading the charge right now. Paulus has 7 points already in this half and is the reason Wake Forest point guard Justin Gray is sitting on the bench.

Gray had just two personal fouls at halftime but Paulus has looked for his shot much more often in the second half and his drives to the basket have led to layups, foul shots, and have gotten a couple of Wake's players in foul trouble.

Gray picks up FOURTH foul

Wake might win this game. They have proven they can play with the conference's best team, but they will have to do so without star point guard Justin Gray for big chunks of the second half. Gray picked up his fourth foul just moments ago, and head coach Skip Prosser is now forced to take him out of the game with 16 minutes left in the second half.

Deacons on top at halftime 36-34

A three-pointer put Wake Forest on top 36-34. Heading back down the court, Wake Forest's Justin Gray jestfully slapped the court three or four times himself.

J.J. Redick shot just 6 shots in the first half, making 2 of them, and scored 6 points. The Blue Devils have had a balanced attack in the first half with four players tied for the team lead with 6 points.

Wake Forest was led by Eric Williams. The Deacon big man scored 14 points and his hot play from the second half of the N.C. State game has carried over to today. The Deacs are also controlling the glass. The lead the Blue Devils in rebounding 26-14 and have 8 offensive boards on the day. That has led to 5 second-chance points.

Here are your halftime stat leaders:

Wake Forest
Points - Eric Williams - 14 pts
Rebounds - Trent Strickland - 8 rbs
Assists - Justin Gray - 3 ast

Points - Four tied with 6 pts
Rebounds - Josh McRoberts - 4 rbs
Assists - Two tied with 2 ast

We are TIED here in Greensboro

It's the ACC's best team versus the worst team but all that matters is the score. A Wake Forest steal and layup has tied this one up at 33-all.

Dockery blindsided by pick

Sean Dockery was floored by an Ellis pick just moments ago. McRoberts yelled out the pick, but Dockery didn't hear it and was just leveled by the Wake's big man. Dockery will stay in the game though and get a hand from the Devil fans for being tough.

Synchronized floor pounding

Duke went on a big run as the momentum shifted to the Blue Devils. Justin Gray turned the ball over and that led to a layup by Greg Paulus. Melchionni and a couple other Devils tried to pump up the crowd after that play by waving their arms and pumping their fists. That's when a funny thing happened -- Melchionni and Paulus both went down and slapped the floor. It was a nod to Coach Wojo I suppose, but when they did it at exactly the same time, quite a few members of press row broke out in laughter. Since that happened, Duke hasn't scored and Wake has the Duke lead down to just 4.

Redick back in the game

J.J. Redick is back in the game. He came out of the tunnel and never even sat down. He walked up to Coach K, told him that he was back, and Coach K sent him to the scorer's table to check in.

It's Duke v. Williams & Strickland

Eric Williams and Trent Strickland have all of Wake Forest's 19 points. Eric Williams is continuing his strong play as Justin Gray tries to pump up the crowd. Wake's down three but is continuing to play at a high level Wake fans haven't seen all season long.

Redick hurt

J.J. Redick is hurt. He walked off the court wit hthe trainer. It appears to be a wrist or hand injury.

Note: The following is from the AP

Redick, the ACC's iron man who averages more than 37 minutes of playing time, left for about 4 minutes in the first half after he banged knees with Trent Strickland while trying to draw a charge. He went to the locker room before returning with a black knee brace, but limped his way to 20 points on 6-of-17 from the floor.

"Normally, when that type of thing happens, it's painful at first, you kind of hobble off and then it goes away," Redick said. "But I just got hit in a really weird spot, right on the inside of my knee. It didn't bother me at all once I got back out on the floor."


The trainer must have just been talking to Redick while holding his arm. The AP reports that Redick "limped his way to 20 points" but that is an exaggeration. Redick's limp was noticable from 3 rows back on press row.

Best sign so far today

The Duke Blue Devil cheerleaders came out during the 12 minute TV timeout, and all the Duke fans stood up and cheered. This one old man held up a sign that said "Still Cameron Crazy after all these years." It's great to see people so passionate about ACC basketball now 53 tournaments is as they might have been during the first tournament decades ago.

Duke, Wake underway

Eric Williams is keeping Wake close, but Duke looks like they are having a pretty good-shooting day so far on Semifnal Saturday. J.J. Redick got WIDE open for a three, and if that continues, it could be a long day in Greensboro for Wake Forest and a short trip home. The thing that impresses me most about Duke watching them in person is their communication on the court and how well they move without the ball. They do take a lot of three-pointers, but they rub off screens very effectively and those threes are usually good shots. Redick is about the only person who will take a contested three, and everyone knows what the ACC's best player can do with the basketball. Right now, it's Duke 12, Wake 10.

Jim Connors on the ACC Tournament

Thus far I've seen former Celtic great Kevin McHale checking out the talent at the ACC tournament in Greensboro, have noticed Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer taking in a ballgame from up close.....but by far, the biggest celebrity in the house these last few days has been Debra Williams. Debra who? Debra, mother of Wake Forest (and former Wake Forest Rolesville) center, Eric Williams. A charming, energetic, colorfully adorned woman known for her trademark hats, and passionate support of the Demon Deacons.

Debra was among the first people I looked for before the action got too hot and heavy on the floor. I knew she would be great TV. What I didn't know is that I would have to wait in line to speak to her on camera. A slightly more high profile network (one of those televising the games) slid in ahead of me. Media clogged up an aisle for an entire halftime to shoot a feature on her. It's little wonder why we in the media are held in contempt.

My primary questions for her, should Eric have left Wake Forest a year ago and how difficult has it been enduring an absolutely atrocius year, one which saw Wake Forest finish in the ACC cellar. Debra insisted it's all been worthwhile. Her son enjoys spending time with his teammates, they are a closenit group. She says the NBA will still be there (hopefully with Eric going as a first round draft pick). No matter how far her son goes, no matter how big the paycheck, the most fun will continue to be watching her patented pancakes be devoured by big Eric.

Eric has his hands full today with Duke center Shelden Williams. The two share a friendship that dates back to high school. Eric says they always play each other clean, and he enjoys their battles.

Win, lose or draw, Mom will be there in the stands....cheering him on, ready to fix a homecooked meal to celebrate...or help get over the hurt. And before that, sure to enjoy a bunch more facetime than either Shelden or Eric.

-Jim Connors

Friday, March 10, 2006

Semifinal Saturday is set

Duke. Wake Forest. North Carolina. Boston College.

Semifinal Saturday should be fun tomorrow in Greensboro. It will be Duke v. Wake Forest in the early game and North Carolina v. Boston College in the late game.

Boston College punched their ticket with a decisive win over Maryland. The Eagles returned the blowout favor to the Terps after the Terps demolished Georgia Tech in last night's game. Maryland was squarly on the bubble heading into the ACC Tournament and despite a great showing last night, they likely don't leave Greensboro on any better footing. Craig Smith was outstanding for BC, just like he has been all season long. He was great from all aspects on the floor shooting an efficient 7 for 11 from the field for 21 points. He also had a monster game on the boards with 15 rebounds, as well as 7 assists and 2 steals.

Boston College shot an even 50% from the floor while holding Maryland to just 35% shooting.

Here are your final stat leaders headlined by the aforementioned Craig Smith:

Points - James Gist - 14 pts
Rebounds - D.J. Strawberry - 6 rbs
Assists - D.J. Strawberry - 4 ast

Boston College - Craig Smith - 21 pts
Rebounds - Craig Smith - 15 rbs
Assists - Craig Smith & Louis Hinnant both had 7 ast

Make sure you tune into News 14 Carolina tomorrow. Reporter Kenneth Moton will have a special look at "Fan Fest," a wonderful event that takes place right outside the Greensboro Coliseum and offers basketball fans of all ages a place to test their basketball skills.

Maryland 22, Boston College 41

Mr. Terry Brooks was doing his blog. I knew you guys rather have the lowdown from Terry than stats from a blowout, so here are the halftime stat leaders jusssst a little bit later. Craig Smith is having a special night. Assuming the score stays the same, the Tar Heels might have a tough time with the Golden Eagle tomorrow afternoon.

Points - Nik Caner-Medley & Mike Jones tied at 6 pts
Rebounds - Nik Caner-Medley - 5 pts
Assists - Two tied at 1 ast

Boston College
Points - Craig Smith - 13 pts
Rebounds - Craig Smith - 7 rbs
Assists - Craig Smith - 4 ast

Terry's recap day 2

NC State has a case of injur-itis. That's when your club is banged up and you start to get the pieces back together and they just don't mesh. The Pack looked sluggish and got outplayed in every facet of the game against Wake Forest. State heads into the Big Dance with impressive marks of 21 wins with 10 coming in the ACC, but 4 straight losses have the "Herb Haters" resurfacing.

Wake's the darling of the ACC tourney at this point. Faced with no place to go except home with their next loss, the Deacs are playing an inspired brand of ball. My biggest problem, where has that been all season? Wake's dream comes to an end tomorrow though.

That's because Duke will be on the other side of the court. The Blue Devils snapped out of a 2 game funk. J.J. Redick snapped out of a four game funk. And amazingly after those two sentences I can say Duke was funky down the stretch against Miami. Redick made the big shots and Duke kept their cool forcing an ill-advised 3 from Miami's Robert Hite that would have tied the game with under 20 seconds to play. Duke will handle Wake tomorrow.

As far as UNC what's to say. They are still red hot. Roy Williams has pushed all the right buttons and continues to as he motivated Reyshawn Terry in the post game press conference. Standing by his statement that he didn't think Terry was a player when he first arrived at UNC and that Reyshawn has proved that he is indeed a player. Gotta love coaches that can play head games with players while the whole world is watching. That's why Roy's ACC Coach of the Year.

Maryland BC is in action right now. No matter the winner I think UNC will roll tomorrow and that we'll have a battle of the blues for the 3rd time this year.

Peace out.

Terry leads Tar Heels into semifinals

Reyshawn Tery scored 24 points to help North Carolina hang on and beat Virginia 79-67. Terry helped thwart a strong showing by the Cavs led by their first team All-ACC selection Sean Singletary. Singletary scored 29 points and brought down 10 rebounds to easily lead Virginia in both categories. Wes Miller also played well for North Carolina. He scored 15 points and never missed a shot going a perfect 4 for 4 from the floor and from the free throw line. North Carolina's defense held Virginia to just 28% shooting for the game, and the Tar Heels regained the edge on the glass, outrebounding Virginia 43-36 and only allowing 4 second-chance points in the second half after giving up 12 putbacks in the first half. The Tar Heels will advance and face the winner of the Maryland-Boston College game.

Here are your game stat leaders:

Points - Sean Singletary - 29 pts
Rebounds - Sean Singletary - 10 rbs
Assists - J.R. Reynolds - 4 ast

North Carolina
Points - 24 pts
Rebounds - 11 rbs
Assists - 6 ast

Locked up in a tight one

Virginia trails North Carolina 39-34 at the break. Sean Singletary has been outstanding for the Wahoos. He and J.R. Reynolds account for 28 of Virginia's 34 points. The other guys on the team are a combined 3 for 15 for a total of 6 points. How is Virginia holding their own against a team they lost to by 45 ten days ago? Well, you have to remember that Virginia hung a 72-68 loss on the Heels when they met in Charlottesville. In this game, Virginia is only shooting 31% from the floor but they are beating the Tar Heels on the boards -- especially on the offensive glass -- and have scored 12 second-chance points.

For the Tar Heels, a host of characters have led the way. The high scorer is Wes Miller who has made three 3-pointers and has 11 points. Bobby Frasor has three fouls for the Tar Heels and will have to watch his fouling in the second half. Quentin Thomas has gotten more minutes because of that and has 2 assists and no turnovers.

The Heels are still winning by 5, but it is not the same team that played Virginia in Chapel Hill. David Noel scored a career-high 26 points in that game, including 19 in the first half, but he has only three points in the first half here.

These are your halftime stat leaders:

Points - Sean Singletary - 17 pts
Rebounds - Sean Singletary - 9 rbs
Assits - Four tied with 1 ast

North Carolina
Points - Wes Miller - 11 pts
Rebounds - Tyler Hansbrough - 5 rbs
Assists - David Noel - 3 ast

Game of runs

This Carolina-Virginia game has definitely been a game of runs:

UVA started the game on a 12-2 run.
A Hansbrough steal and dunk ignited a 22-4 UNC run to take a 24-16 lead.
UVA then scored 8 in a row to tie the game.

The play has gotten a little bit sloppy since then with a lot of silly fouls and missed free throws.

Heels Cavs tip-off

The Tar Heels controlled the opening tip and a put-back by David Noel gave the Tar Heels their first lead. Carolina and Virginia played each other less than two weeks ago on March 1st. In that game, Noel scored a career high 26 points to lead the Tar Heels to a 45-point win on Senior Night. J.R. Reynolds was one of the lone bright spots for the Cavs in their 99-54 loss. He scored 19 points, but Virginia shot just 32% for the game and got beat on the boards 45-28.

Sean Singletary has come out of the gates looking to score. He has 5 points already a little more than 3 minutes in, and Virginia wants to put that game in Chapel Hill behind them. They lead 7-2 early.

Is your bracket as busted as mine?

It's a good thing I am not a betting man. Who could have foreseen some of the upsets we have already had just a day and a half into the 53rd ACC Tournament? I will be honest -- I expected Clemson as hot as they were to knock off a tough Miami team, and I counted Wake Forest out in the FSU game. Not only did Wake knock off the Seminoles, Miami nearly upset top-seeded Duke before J.J. Redick helped lead the Blue Devils back from behind. There was something like 17 ties or lead changes in the Miami-Duke game alone.

Wake stays, State goes

Wake Forest beat N.C. State 82-71, and "wow" is all I can say. I mean I know Wake Forest beat N.C. State a week ago on March 4th and everything, but they are the #12 seed in this tournament, and they are still going to be playing on Semifinal Saturday. N.C. State has looked lost since the North Carolina game, and I don't think too many people would disagree with that statement, and how could they? State hasn't won a game since they played Virginia Tech on February 18th!

Today, State really lost the game in the first half. They actually outscore Wake Forest in the second half by 7 points, but it's pretty hard to overcome a 17-point halftime deficit. Outside of Gavin Grant (9 of 13 shooting) and Cameron Bennerman (10 of 19 shooting,) N.C. State was pretty bad from the field. Taking out those two guys, the rest of the Wolfpack shot just 9 of 30 from the floor for 24 points. For N.C. State fans, thankfully this loss doesn't impact whether the Wolfpack will make the tournament. They were a solid tournament team before this game and will definitely hear their named called on Selection Sunday. It WILL however affect their seeding. N.C. State at one time was thought to be a solid #3 or #4 seed but after dropping their last four games, they might now be selected as a #8 or #9 seed. If that's the case, N.C. State's second round game could be against a top-ranked seed like UConn, Villanova, or Memphis.

For Wake Forest, three guys stood out. In the first half, Michael Drum stood out even though it didn't always show up in the stat sheet. He just gave the Deacons a spark and finished with 12 points and 5 assists. I think Skip Prosser picked up on Drum's effort on both sides of the ball because he left him in for all but one minute. Justin Gray turned in another amazing effort. He was the most generous player on the court, dishing out ten assists, but still managed to score 19 points of his own. In the second half, Eric Williams took over for the Deacons. He scored 20 points with all but 4 of them coming in the second half. After one score inside the lane, Williams sprinted up the court and saluted to his mom who went crazy. She was sitting right behind me in the stands, and I don't know if many parents dress up as much as she does. She definitely loves her Demon Deacon center.

If more stats are what you want, then you shall have them. Here are the stat leaders for the afternoon game:

Wake Forest
Points - Eric Williams - 20 pts
Rebounds - Eric Williams - 8 rbs
Assists - Justin Gray - 10 ast

NC State
Points - Gavin Grant - 24 pts
Rebounds - Tony Bethel - 6 rbs
Assists - Three tied with 3 ast

State mounting comeback

State has gone on a run trying to get back in this basketball game. The Wolfpack lost their final regular season game to Wake Forest on March 4th and haven't had anymore luck solving Skip Prosser's defense in this game. Right now the score stands at 52-35 Wake, but State has gone on a 7-2 run in the last few minutes. Also the Deacons have missed badly the last couple times down the court.

In case you were wondering what the most popular food is for the fans at the ACC Tournament, it is far and away the southern meal of choice - barbecue. Sure there are plenty of people scarfing down hot dogs, but I would still have to say that this barbecue stand has them all beat.

Fans can't satisfy their appetites with just one food item on the day, however, so it's a good thing there is a wide selection to choose from. There are pretzel stands, Dippin Dot stands, ice cream of about 5 different varieties, hamburgers, pizza, fries, and just about anything else you might wonder about.

As for me, I'll probably be eating lasagna or something here in a little while. That barbecue looks great but nothing beats the taste of free food.

Here to play, Here to stay

And no, I'm not talking about the Carolina Hurricanes. The Wake Forest Demon Deacons are playing like the team most people thought they would be this year are are beating 4th-seeded N.C. State 37-20 at halftime. It's a new brand of Deacon basketball -- one that plays good, hard defense. N.C. State is shooting just 29% from the floor in the first half, and guards Engin Atsur and Tony Bethel are a combined 0 for 8. Justin Gray is hot once again for the Deacs. He has 13 points and Michael Drum has 9 points.

Halftime stat leaders:

Wake Forest
Points - Justin Gray - 13 pts
Rebounds - Eric Williams - 6 rbs
Assists - Michael Drum - 4 ast

NC State
Points - Gavin Grant - 11 pts
Rebounds - Gavin Grant - 4 rbs
Assists - Engin Atsur - 2 ast

Kenneth's 2nd blog from Greensboro

The ACC tournament has been a blast to watch and cover. I’ve done some fun stories and for the first time gotten to see what craziness goes on behind the scenes. As a matter of fact, one of my stories had to do with behind the scenes. Right now I’m surrounded by a lot of media in a workroom and this is just TV. There’s also a room for newspaper, internet, and radio media. One of the neatest things, I’m from South Carolina. And the sportscasters I watched growing up in the Upstate of SC, well I’ve gotten to meet those people. It makes them feel old but they are legends in the business. The tournament is a busy place. I can’t go anywhere without my media pass and almost 700 journalists are here all trying to cover the tournament. This morning was a tough morning because after working all day yesterday doing two stories, I had to get up at like 5 a.m. for a 6 a.m liveshot. It was hard to be perky but story I did was fun one so it wasn’t that hard. My photographer and I then went back to the hotel and back to sleep for about three hours. Then it was back to the coliseum where we worked on two more stories. If you haven’t gotten the point yet, it’s busy here. But I have gotten to meet a lot of cool fans who are really spirited and are having a good time rooting for their teams even if they’ve already lost. Stay tuned and keep watching!

Survive and advance: Duke wins.

Thanks to some clutch shooting by J.J. Redick, the Duke Blue Devils advanced to the Semifinal game of the ACC Tournament. They'll play the winner of the Wake Forest-N.C. State game. After shooting just 29% over his last four games, Redick scored 25 points today while shooting 9 for 17 from the field.

Miami dominated the boards and that stat kept them in the ballgame until the very end. As a team, the 'Canes had 46 rebounds (including 21 offensive boards) compared to just 32 (14 offensive) for Duke. It was no fault of Shelden Williams though. Duke's big man had a double-double, scoring 14 points and pulling down a game high 13 rebounds. Shooting percentages for the two teams flip-flopped across the two halves. Miami shot 47% in the first half but managed just 37% in the second. Duke meanwhile shot 37% in the first half but scored at a much better rate in the second half at 45%.

Here are the game's stat leaders:

Points - Anthony King & Guillermo Diaz - 16 pts apiece
Rebounds - Anthony King - 11 rbs
Assists - Denis Clemente - 4 ast

Points - J.J. Redick - 25 pts
Rebounds - Shelden Williams - 13 rbs
Assists - Greg Paulus - 5 ast

A Photog's view of the first two days

It has been a busy tournament for us the past few days. I have been going full steam the past two days. We arrived Wednesday afternoon, spent an hour finding a parking place for the live truck, tune in on the satellite, and get our credentials. After that, we were running around trying to find a story. One fan had a beer cooler modified into a scooter, I wish I could have commandeered it for the rest of the tournament. Oh well, I'm on the news team weight loss plan. It involves running after a reporter chasing leads for a story, while carrying 40-50 pounds of equipment. We didn't get a chance to eat on Wednesday night, I made sure to make up for it on Thursday. Thursday wasn't bad, just long. The first story we went to work on didn't happen, we had to postpone it until Friday. We also tried to get an interview with someone with the ACC to get some numbers and info about the tournament, we didn't get to talk to him until around eight at night (he must have been real busy). For the five o'clock show, we had a deadline to feed our first package of the day. I busted my tail to get it edited in time, run across the coliseum to the feed location, and then had to wait for the press conference that we were feeding back to the station to wrap up. Hurry up and wait, I think that it is the main ingredient for heartburn. Yesterday was also kind of cool. We were working a story about souvenirs for sale on the concourse, when two ladies started to cheer on NC State for the camera. We decided to interview them and discovered that their grandmother has been to every single ACC Tournament, from the first one on to the present. What luck, sometimes the best stories just step in front of you for you to grasp and hold on to. We set up an interview for Friday, right before the State game. That just made Friday a whole lot easier. We had to stick around and help out with the sports show at 10. We didn't get back to the hotel room until 11:30. We had to get back up at 4:30 am to do a live shot from the Tournament floor. After the live shot, we ran back to the hotel to grab a nap before we had to shoot again at ten. We shot are first package at the fanfest pavilion in half-an-hour. I love these types of shoots, everything is right there and you don't have to take long the cool shots. I even got a chance to watch the first ten minutes of the Duke/Miami game. That was fun, I managed to find a seat among the reporters right on the floor. I think it was the best seat in the house, free with a great view. Well, back to the grindstone and pump out a few more stories. Catch you later.

Where will the road lead them?

J.J. Redick, Cameron Bennerman, Tyler Hansbrough.

If Duke, N.C. State, or North Carolina win the ACC Tournament, it will be because of the outstanding play of their respective stars. Two are seniors, and one plays like a senior. J.J. has found his shooting touch, but will it be enough? Redick has 19 points on 7 of 15 shooting, and a three-pointer by DeMarcus Nelson has given the Devils a one-point lead at 65-64.

Wow, another ACC Tournament game coming down the the last minute. You're not a sports fan if you don't love this.

What would YOU like to know about the ACC Tournament

Well we're a day and a half in here in Greensboro. All four North Carolina teams play today - Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State, and surprisingly Wake Forest after their big upset of Florida State yesterday.

Kenneth Moton, Terry Brooks, and I have all told you how much fun the entire event has been. It's very busy - usually putting in 10-12 hour workdays when there are 4 games like yesterday and today, but it is very rewarding. You guys know by now the food is great and there is a lot of it, but I'm sure you want to know more.

If you have any questions about the Tournament or are curious about what else happens behind the scenes, feel free to send me an email at and I'll do my best to find an answer.

Hottest selling item? Duke blue.

One of the merchandise stands at the tournament
It might just be because it's early but those selling merchandise in Greensboro Coliseum say the Duke Blue Devils gear is flying off the rack. The Devils are followed closely by North Carolina with N.C. State in third. I'll let you know if things change when the Tar Heels and Wolfpack take the court later in the day.

Duke takes lead; Greensboro is electric

J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams. It MUST be nice to have two All-Americans on your team. A Landlord dunk and a three by Duke's sharpshooter have given the Devils a four point lead very early in the second half. The Duke fans in Greensboro went nuts when Redick's three splashed down forcing Miami head coach Frank Haith to call a timeout and regroup.

Duke down... again

Miami 41, Duke 35 at the break -- The Duke Blue Devils haven't looked that great so far in this game. They are shooting just 37% from the floor and are 7 for 21 from 3-point land. J.J. Redick's stroke looks a lot better than it has over the past four games, but he was still just 3 for 8 from the floor (all of them 3-point attempts.) Meanwhile, Miami shot an outstanding 47% from the floor with Diaz and Hite combining for 21 points.

Halftime stat leaders:

Points - Guillermo Diaz - 11 pts
Rebounds - Robert Hite - 5 rbs
Assists - Three players tied with 2 ast

Points - J.J. Redick - 9 pts
Rebounds - Shelden Williams - 7 pts
Assists - Greg Paulus - 3 ast

Day 2: Tobacco road to the championship

We're back here in Greensboro for the second day of ACC Tournament action. Duke comes into the opening game losers of two in a row, and if Diaz and Hite keep shooting as well as they are right now, it could be three in a row. J.J. Redick looks like he's shooting the ball a lot better today than he has been in his past four games, but then again, he started out hot against Carolina, too.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

That's All Folks! ...until Friday

Sorry for the delay everyone... the internet connection in Greensboro went down for the night, so I had to wait until I got back to make this final post.

Maryland coasts to a 82-64 win over Georgia Tech. Tech shot just 35% for the game, and it would have been worse than that if not for a pretty good stretch of basketball in the middle of the second half. Here are your final game stat leaders:

Georgia Tech
Points - Ra'Sean Dickey & Anthony Morrow - 17 pts apiece
Rebounds - Ra'Sean Dickey - 12 rbs
Assists - Lewis Clinch - 5 ast

Points - Nik Caner-Medley - 20 pts
Rebounds - Nik Caner-Medley - 9 rbs
Assists - D.J. Strawberry - 7 ast

Be sure to go to tomorrow for the LIVE chat with Sports Night anchor Terry Brooks. Terry will chat from 11 a.m. until noon, so don't miss that.

Also, reporter Kenneth Moton will speak to a woman who has been to every single ACC Tournament -- that's 53 in case you're counting. If you want a tournament history lesson, don't miss tomorrow's story from Greensboro.

And of course, stay tuned to News 14 Carolina and throughout the weekend for the most extensive local coverage. We'll broadcast Sports Night live every night from the tournament with complete highlights. And on, we will continue to bring you a running blog straight from press row.

For tonight though, have a good one. Thanks for joining us. I'm out.

Terps break backcourt press, regain momentum

Georgia Tech went on quite a run, but Gary Williams and Maryland have figured out how to break the Jackets' pressure. That has led to several easy fastbreaks on the other end and Georgia Tech has had to give up easy baskets or send the Terps to the free throw line. With 2:48 left to play, the clock is more of an opponent than Maryland is, and I don't know if they have enough time to complete any kind of comeback. It will take a lot of Maryland turnovers to make that happen.

Jackets don't hang heads; cut into Terp lead

Now this is what I like to see! A full-court press is getting the Yellow Jackets back in this basketball game. They were once down by almost 30 points and have now battled their way back. It is still a pretty large lead for the Terps, but it is no longer insurmountable. The lead stands at 72-58 with 4:23 left to play. If they actually do finish this comeback, I will be just one of a handful of people here to see it.

Ladies and Gents, we have our first blowout

Well, all the games can't be gems can they? Even though today was supposed to feature the 8 worst teams in the ACC, we have seen some pretty good basketball. All three of the earlier games were close and came down to the last few minutes. This game is only a good one if you are a Maryland fan. Things are going so poorly for Georgia Tech, even a breakaway dunk by Mario West nearly ended in injury after he came down awkwardly on his left leg. The Yellow Jackets shot just 33% from the field in the first half, and if I had to guess, I would say it has probably gotten even worse thus far in the second half. The Greensboro Coliseum is pretty empty right now outside of the Tech and Maryland sections. I'm beginning to think the upper level seats really aren't that bad. Despite the fact that there are a few thousand seats available in the lower level, quite a few people are still sitting in the top row of the upper deck. Maybe this blowout looks better when you can't quite see it as well... I'm being hard on Georgia Tech, but they are missing layup after layup. Maryland is up by 26 right now at 62-36. Mike Jones has 19 points and Nik Caner-Medley has 13.

Halftime stats - Georgia Tech 27, Maryland 42

Sorry for the delay folks. You'll see why tomorrow when I post "Raising 'em Right" pictures I've been taking today and will take more of tomorrow. Here's the halftime stats for Maryland and Tech:

Georgia Tech
Points - Ra'Sean Dickey - 12 pts
Rebounds - Ra'Sean Dickey - 6 rbs
Assists - Lewis Clinch - 2 ast

Points - Mike Jones - 13 pts
Rebounds - Nik Caner-Medley - 6 rbs
Assists - D.J. Strawberry - 5 ast

"That's a WALK ref!!"

You have to love the atmosphere here in Greensboro. Die-hard Georgia Tech fans are sitting behind me right now, and I love how passionate they are about their team. Everytime Maryland comes down the floor, they're working the referees like seasoned coaches patrolling the sidelines. It's enough to make Coach K blush. If I were playing, I wouldn't trade fans like these for any in the world. They are the fans that fill up the stands and support a program whether the team is a national championship contender or just trying to stay out of the conference cellar. The Jackets will need to heed those words of encouragement though. They just hit two free throws... their first points in quite awhile and trail the Terps 23-11 with 9:20 to play.

Maryland off and running

Slow and steady may win the race in old wise tales, but these turtles aren't taking any chances. Maryland is pushing the tempo whenever they can, and Nik Caner-Medley has been hot so far. With about 14 minutes to go in the first half, Caner-Medley already has 7 points, and Maryland has jumped out to a 19-9 lead. Most analysts also put ther Terps squarly on the bubble. FSU's loss earlier in the day can only help Maryland, and a win or two in the ACC Tournament might be enough for the Terps to punch their ticket to the big dance. The winner of this game will play Boston College in the nightcap Friday.

State pride: Hokies battle back to take lead... only to lose

Virginia Tech trailed by as many as ten points (38-28) early in the second half, but a host of Hokies helped the team battle back -- only to lose to Virginia thanks to a tremendous effort by the Cavs' J.R. Reynolds. Reynolds poured in 23 points to help Virginia overcome a late deficit to retake the lead. The Wahoos will take on Roy Williams' Tar Heels tomorrow evening. They'll have to battle better on the boards and get better bench play if they hope to beat North Carolina. Tonight, Virginia's bench scored just two points, and the duo of J.R. Reynolds and Sean Singletary played all but 4 minutes -- combined. In their last game against the league's hottest team, the Cavs' lost 99-54 in the Smith Center.

Virginia Tech
Points - Zabian Dowdell - 15 pts
Rebounds - Markus Sailes - 8 rbs
Assists - Zabian Dowdell - 4 ast

Points - J.R. Reynolds - 23 pts
Rebounds - Laurynas Mikalauskas - 12 rbs
Assists - Sean Singletary - 4 ast

Terry's first thoughts of the ACC

Man, we're here in Greensboro. It's about 8:10pm, let me walk you through the day.

We arrive at the Coliseum at 11ish. The walk from the lot to the media center is much longer than either Jim Connors or myself appreciated, but you know we're not going to complain, we just got here. We get checked in. I'll let you know now I will not be going anywhere without my credential. The security guards look imposing.

It's a little after noon, time for Clemson and Miami to tip it off. I thought the 'Canes would give it to the Tigers, so you can believe I was surprised when Miami trailed by 8 at the break. In the second half I started to shoot highlights.

Moving on Miami starts to run in the second half, Clemson looks winded and the Canes pull out the win. In the lockerroom after the game Canes big man Anthony King, out of Durham, says he looks forward to banging down low with Shelden Williams tomorrow. That should be a good matchup.

Wake Forest Florida State in the 2:30 game. This is one I see FSU taking over. The Noles beat the Canes last week and started Duke's 2 game losing streak. After controlling the game the first half and half of the second, FSU goes ice cold and the Greensboro Coliseum turns into Lawrence Joel Coliseum. I mean it seemed all the fans in the building are cheering for Wake. The Deacs use that energy and pull out an upset. Florida State will probably still make the Big Dance, on the other hand Wake's next loss will be its last.

The working media are being served lasagna. Don't get me wrong it's great, and there's cheesecake. I promise you, I think some people only come to these events to eat.

More stuff you the fan don't get to see. The media room is full of laptop editors, laptop computers, and people working under deadlines. There's not a lot of yelling, but there is plenty of tension as people are trying to make time slots. Trust this would make for a good story. This would be called a tease. Kenneth Moton is doing a story on this very thing. You can see it live at 6am tomorrow. That's that on that. We've caught you up on the day, previewed tomorrow, and gave you a taste of what it's like for the media folks.

By the way you can chat live with me at 11 in the morning tomorrow. Holla back!!!!!!!

'Hoos, Hokies close at half

The third ACC game of the night was close at halftime, but now the Wahoos appear to be pulling away. J.R. Reynolds has the hottest hand on the court. He had 15 at halftime to lead all scorers, but Virginia Tech held their own in the first half. Both teams shot the ball pretty well. Virginia Tech knocked down jumpers at a 48% rate, and Virginia was an even 50% from the field.

Halftime stat leaders:

Virginia Tech
Points - Shawn Harris - 7 pts
Rebounds - Two tied at 3 rbs
Assists - Zabian Dowdell - 3 ast

Points - J.R. Reynolds - 15 pts
Rebounds - Jason Cain - 4 rbs
Assists - Sean Singletary - 2 ast

Wake up the nation... or at least the state

Wake Forest stunned Florida State 78-66, outscoring the Seminoles by 20 points in the second half. Justin Gray had a monster game for the Deacons... scoring 25 points and dishing out 8 assists. The Deacon defense also picked up in the second half. The Deacs held the Seminoles to just 31% shooting in the second half -- that's down 23 percent from the first half. Wake Forest dominated the boards during the game. They pulled down 44 rebounds (13 offensive) compared to just 26 boards for the Seminoles. By losing, the 'Noles now risk not making the NCAA tournament. Most experts said that despite beating No. 1 Duke more than a week ago, Florida State still needed a win or two in order to make the tournament. Now, they might be on the outside looking in.

Final Stat Leaders:

Wake Forest
Points - Justin Gray - 25 pts
Rebounds - Trent Strickland - 10 rbs
Assists - Justin Gray - 8 ast

Florida State
Points - Al Thornton - 17 pts
Rebounds - Al Thornton - 8 rbs
Assists - Todd Galloway - 4 ast

Is Wake Forest halfway home?

The media picked Wake Forest to finish 3rd this year in the ACC. Now, losing 40-32 at halftime against Florida State, the Demon Deacons might have just 20 more minutes left in their entire season. Wake Forest was the worst team in the ACC this year. Without Chris Paul, WFU will likely fall from a #2 seed in the NCAA tourney to watching the dance at home on their TV. The Deacons did not play very good defense last year, but that didn't matter because they scored so many points. This year, their poor defense is a glaring weakness. Florida State shot 54% from the field in the first half.

Here's the first half stat leaderss:

Wake Forest
Points - Michael Drum - 8 pts
Rebounds - Trent Strickland - 6 rbs
Assists - Justin Gray - 4 ast

Florida State
Points - Al Thornton - 11 pts
Rebounds - Al Thornton - 5 rbs
Assists - Todd Galloway - 2 ast

Let the MADNESS begin!

Syracuse just upset the No. 1 team in the country, UConn. March Madness is truly here. Up next here in Greensboro, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons will play the Florida State Seminoles. For a lot of fans in this state, the WFU/FSU game might be the only one of interest on the docket today given how tough UNC, Duke and N.C. State are this year. Those three teams earned byes into tomorrow's games. Duke will play Miami.

Miami wins!

Miami overcame a 13-point deficit to beat Clemson 66-63 in the final 2 minutes. Vernon Hamilton had a last second three-pointer that would have tied the game. It was on target but long and bounced off the rim as the buzzer sounded. Guillermo Diaz led the way for Miami with 22 points. Final game stats will come in a few minutes. Click here for game stats.(Microsoft Excel Sheet)

Miami/Clemson coming down to the wire

Whew, I'm here, and it's time to talk ACC basketball. Everything about the ACC Tournament is first class. As Kenneth mentioned in his blog, they treat both the fans and media who attend the game quite nicely. The first game today has been about like most people expected. Neither Clemson nor Miami have shot the ball particularly well. Vernon Hamilton is the main reason Clemson is ahead right now. He has just played outstanding. Diaz has kept Miami in it with some acrobatic shots. The crowd was pretty barren when the game started, but it's filling in nicely now. As I'm typing this, the Tigers are clinging to a 3-point lead with about five minutes remaining in the game. Miami is playing good defense and they definitely have the momentum right now. Plan to see a lot more blogs in the next few days. I want to talk to college students spending their spring break here in Greensboro rooting for their alumni. I also want to talk to young kids whose parents have already helped turn them into die-hard fans. And also, look for a blog about buying tickets at the ACC Tournament. Is there a technique to buying them? Will an N.C. State fan really sell their tickets to a UNC fan? I'll find out!

Early in Greensboro

News 14 Carolina Reporter Kenneth Moton
It’s my first blog entry!! My photographer and I got here pretty early in Greensboro to cover the NC State basketball team practice and the fans who came to see them. There’s a lot going on here and it looks like the first day of the tournament is an exciting one. Yesterday was pretty fun. The ACC tournament is really nice to the media. But as I think about every sporting event I’ve been too, it’s the same everywhere. There’s food, food, and more food the tournament throws in the media’s face. If it wasn’t for the food, we would probably notice the rules and restrictions a little more. The ACC has a tight leash on media as far as what you can and cannot get video of while games are going on. There is also a sign up list to get onto the court that has to be pre-approved. So for instance if I wanted to physically take a camera and sit on the side of the court and video of the NC State game Friday, I have to first sign up on a list which will then be posted before the game. But I’m only allowed one half at a time. It’s a tough process but I think it’s that way because there are so many news stations here covering the tournament. So the media work room is insane. There are tape decks, cords, and all types of sound boards all over the place. I don’t know what half of the stuff is for because that might be a little technical for me but there is most definitely a lot of it. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be when every media outlet is going to be here covering the games. Well that’s enough for this entry. Stay tuned for the next one and keep watching News14 Carolina!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

ACC Tournament: Chat with News 14 Carolina Sports Anchor Terry Brooks

News 14 Carolina On Friday, March 10th, get all your behind-the-scenes questions answered about the ACC Tournament. Join News 14 Carolina Sports Anchor Terry Brooks in an online chat from 11 am - 12 noon. The link will be live in this space at 10:45 am Friday. Note: It may take a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection, to login to the chat.