Thursday, March 09, 2006

Terry's first thoughts of the ACC

Man, we're here in Greensboro. It's about 8:10pm, let me walk you through the day.

We arrive at the Coliseum at 11ish. The walk from the lot to the media center is much longer than either Jim Connors or myself appreciated, but you know we're not going to complain, we just got here. We get checked in. I'll let you know now I will not be going anywhere without my credential. The security guards look imposing.

It's a little after noon, time for Clemson and Miami to tip it off. I thought the 'Canes would give it to the Tigers, so you can believe I was surprised when Miami trailed by 8 at the break. In the second half I started to shoot highlights.

Moving on Miami starts to run in the second half, Clemson looks winded and the Canes pull out the win. In the lockerroom after the game Canes big man Anthony King, out of Durham, says he looks forward to banging down low with Shelden Williams tomorrow. That should be a good matchup.

Wake Forest Florida State in the 2:30 game. This is one I see FSU taking over. The Noles beat the Canes last week and started Duke's 2 game losing streak. After controlling the game the first half and half of the second, FSU goes ice cold and the Greensboro Coliseum turns into Lawrence Joel Coliseum. I mean it seemed all the fans in the building are cheering for Wake. The Deacs use that energy and pull out an upset. Florida State will probably still make the Big Dance, on the other hand Wake's next loss will be its last.

The working media are being served lasagna. Don't get me wrong it's great, and there's cheesecake. I promise you, I think some people only come to these events to eat.

More stuff you the fan don't get to see. The media room is full of laptop editors, laptop computers, and people working under deadlines. There's not a lot of yelling, but there is plenty of tension as people are trying to make time slots. Trust this would make for a good story. This would be called a tease. Kenneth Moton is doing a story on this very thing. You can see it live at 6am tomorrow. That's that on that. We've caught you up on the day, previewed tomorrow, and gave you a taste of what it's like for the media folks.

By the way you can chat live with me at 11 in the morning tomorrow. Holla back!!!!!!!

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