Friday, March 17, 2006

Day 2 in Dayton

Okay let's be real. You guys know I'm from the south. Snow just ain't my thing. Yet the snow seems to follow me when I cover the NCAA Tournament. Last year in Syracuse it started to snow just before my first live-shot, and tonight in Dayton just before my live-shot it started snowing. I don't know what to do myself.

Moving on. UNC held it's open practice today and it was what you would expect, a glorified stretching session. The Heels did not run a set, or show anything that might be of consequence that could be scouted for their first game against Murray State. The highlite of the night was the final four minutes of practice where the Tar Heels put on a display for the fans. Dunks, dunks, and more dunks! Reyshawn Terry's hops are ridiculous!!! That kid can jump out of the gym, but David Noel is still the best dunker on the team.

Speaking of Noel he is clearly the unquestioned leader. It seemed that he picked up some leadership qualities from Sean May and Raymond Felton. Noel has told anyone who would listen all season that the Heels would be okay. A #3 seed in the NCAA tournament, yeah I'd say that's okay. Noel, a senior, has taken the young boys under his wing and shown them the Carolina way. Not that he's a slouch on the floor, but Noel's biggest asset may be his will. The Durham native has willed Carolina to the Big Dance and says Carolina is just getting started. UNC gets started officially tomorrow in the NCAA Tournament, check News14 Carolina for all your coverage.

Like a 2 cent light bulb, I'm out.


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