Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jim Connors back in Greensboro

Back in Greensboro for the second time in three days. The 1st and 2nd rounds of the NCAA Tournament will be hard pressed to match the ACC Tournament that went down last week.

Duke hit the practice floor Wednesday. While the crowd was solidly in their corner...there were a few folks in the stands sporting powder blue colors who suggested the only reason the Tar Heels were in Dayton, rather than Greensboro, was due to politicking by one Mike Krzyzewski. Naturally, Coach K insisted he wields no such power.

While Duke is heavily favored, it's hard not to feel for its opening round opponent, Southern University. Thanks to Katrina, the Jaguars have had no gym to call their own this season. Given what they've been through, don't expect them to roll over for Duke.

Keep checking out News 14 Carolina on TV and the web. We're just getting cranked up.

Let the games begin!

Jim Connors

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