Friday, March 17, 2006

Hwy 421

Thursday March 16th

The "Bus" may have retired in Pittsburg this year, but this bus is still a truckin'. The company was good enough to offer a hotel room in the big "G", but I'm the bus driver for a 4 year old little girl in Fuquay Varina. Every morning we are up by 7am and off to school by 8, so that means I'm hauling it back home every night on Hwy 421.

Funny how you get to know a road when you drive it over and over again. I did the same for the ACC tournament. You start noticing the same abandoned cars. I can't help but wonder how these folks are getting by without their "wheels". If my "school" is down a bus, it's a mad balancing act between school, track practice, taekwondo, etc. And by the way, who's idea was it to hang a white rag out the driver's window to indicate your car has broken down? It seems pretty obvious to me. Maybe this prevents preditory tow trucks from hauling off a car while some photographer, driving home late from a basketball tournament, pulls over for a quick road side break because the gas stations are few and far between on Hwy 421.


Props to the folks at Wendy's in Siler City for cooking up a batch of hot fries at 1am.
French fries and a frosty. Is there anything better at 1am?


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