Monday, March 26, 2007

A bit of a scare

Oh the irony. An entire event surrounded around things to sit on and you can't.

It's so tempting to sit down on one of the showcase pieces that line the halls of the showrooms here, but sadly you can't.

One scare so far today.

Market affects everyone it seems, even the police and firefighters here in High Point.

I'm told they have to sign up for extra shifts this week.

Walking into one of the showrooms, I hear a siren go by. Naturally as a journalist I'm curious as to what it means. But I resisted the urge because I was going to meet up with a couple of designers to talk about their new line.

Another siren.

Now, my curiosity is getting to me, I walk towards the door and out of the glass window I see the battalion chief's car go by.

Now I knew I had to go.

The incident was only a block up the road. As I got closer I could see a hook-and-ladder and several other emergency vehicles blocking the road.

It was one of those things that looked a lot worse than it really was.

Talking to one of the police officers on site, he said there was nothing newsworthy-- just an electrical outlet in one of the smaller show rooms throwing off sparks.

I asked if such a heavy response was typical, he shrugged and said to me, "It's market."

I think I'm starting to grasp the enormity of this event.

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