Thursday, March 08, 2007

Behind the bench...

Sitting behind the bench is one wild experience! We normally sit opposite the benches and this was an eye opener to say the least. We are literly 10 feet or less from the players and coaches. It is fascinating at what you hear and see. During the Miami/Maryland game, I sat behind Gary Williams. I have never seen the "F" word used as a noun, verb, adverb, and adjective all in one sentence! He is incredibly intense. At one point, one of the referees screamed back, "I can't make up rules for you". Even more interesting as Maryland was losing he made one player switch from red to white shoes. They must have all got new shoes, because just before halftime Williams was yelling at the equipment manager to have every player in a different pair of shoes for the second half. Just an interesting tidbit to say the least!

In the Duke/NC State game there was another funny moment when NC State forward Ben McCauley got called for an offensive foul when he knocked down a Duke guard. McCauley came back down the court and looked at coach Lowe as he was playing defense and said "he's too tiny, he flopped". Of course tiny to him is probably 6'3, 220lbs!

It's a really neat experience to sit behind the benches though so I'll probably write more about it later. Quite a day with two upsets and it's only Thursday!

By the way if you didn't see my story yet, plenty of tickets available. It was pretty full inside by the end of the day, but scalpers we're seriously 2 for 1 sales on the tickets and selling them way below face value.

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