Friday, March 09, 2007

Cinderella anyone?

It's 1:51am and we're still working. Guess that's what happens when you have an AMAZING day of hoops! Are you kidding me? All four low seeds win! Oh wait, NC State/Duke goes to OT. Oh wait, Wake Forest upsets Georgia Tech in double overtime as a Yellowjacket shot bounces and bounces just out as time expires. WOW!! The game didn't officially end until 12:55am. It's now the highest scoring game in ACC tournament history. If you want to see what a bunch of people who normally look put together on tv not so put together you should be in the television work area right now. We are in rough shape but happy to have been here to see such an amazing day. Who says the first day isn't fun? Virginia Tech, Virginia, and Boston College are all coming off last game losses so watch out for perhaps an upset or two again if those teams haven't practiced well this week. When NC State is running on all cylinders they are a very very competitive team, but you just have to wonder how much it will hurt they are just 6-7 players deep if they do pull out another upset. How does Wake Forest respond to an emotional double overtime 12:55am victory? That will be keys tomorrow. With UNC it's an early, first game. Will they be ready and intense to play and how will the mask affect Psycho T? All interesting questions that will be awesome to follow tomorrow. Good night, well good morning. Can't wait to be back in a few hours?

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