Friday, March 09, 2007

UNC cheering for NC State?

Just watched NC State pull off yet another upset. This time at the expense of #2 seed Virginia. And you won't believe it (or maybe you will) but UNC fans were standing and cheering for NC State. Let me repeat that. UNC fans were standing and cheering for NC State. Oh, and NC State wasn't playing Duke.

NC State just won't lose. They have a will to win and just seem to be able to turn a switch at halftime. And how about Raleigh native Bryan Nieman. The kid doesn't get a ton of playing time and he drills two huge three pointers! Keys in the second half were shutting Singletary down to two points in the second half until garbage free throw time came. They were also lights out shooting halfway through the second half after a miserable first half. Can Wake Forest shock the ACC as well? Man, I would almost hate to be a higher seed right now.

Sitting behind the bench continues to be an incredible learning experience. While there are always questionable calls and arguments and whining will happen, I have to give the refs credit. No matter who the coach is, the refs are always very patient and listen to every gribe by every coach no matter how ridiculous it is! Interesting watching too because you think of the coach running the team but during timeouts assistants often talk as much as the head coach in the huddle. All the refs call the coaches by their first names too like they hang out.

Roy Williams was relatively quiet and calm today, but his team played pretty well.

The one thing I've noticed this tournament is a large number of traveling calls so kids take the lesson and keep that pivot foot on the ground!

Wow, I need to catch my breathe and see if Wake can pull off another double overtime victory! Until the next buzzer....

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