Saturday, March 10, 2007

Rival game anyone?

If you like rivalries then this ACC championship is one you don't want to miss. NC State continues to play Cinderella in the ACC tournament. They are now not only the only #10 seed to win an ACC game but the lowest seed to ever reach the ACC championship game. State was looking at no postseason or NIT, but now with one win it can reach the NCAA tourney. Carolina could be playing for a #1 seed in Winston-Salem.

This is the first time since 1997 the two teams have met. UNC won 64-54. UNC last won in 1998 and NC State hasn't won since 1987. They just happened to beat UNC by one that year.

NC State coach Sidney Lowe unveiled the red coat for the first time against UNC in Raleigh and won during the regular season. He's won again every game in the tournament with the coat and you better believe he's going to wear it again on Sunday.

Engin Atsure reinjured his hamstring and we hear from his teammates he's hurting. Looks like State will have to play zone because there's very little chance anyone can keep up with UNC's Ty Lawson. Can NC State slow the game down and pull off the greatest upset in ACC tournament history? Or, will UNC manhandle the Wolfpack like it did Boston College on Saturday? UNC had 16 offensive rebounds which matched Boston Colleges defenseive rebounds. State cannot turn over the ball like they did on Saturday or Carolina will make layups and dunks and run away with it.

Interesting day behind the bench again too. Roy Williams slapped the padding on the score table and it echoes loud. The ref came over and warned Coach Williams, but coach was mad at his players and not the refs. The ref said though perception is he's mad at the refs and he needs to watch it.

Pretty interesting. More writers are writing about things the coaches, refs, and players have said than normal because this time we're sitting behind the benches instead of across the way. Intersting to see if that ever happens again!

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