Sunday, March 11, 2007

UNC players to NBA?

Just talked to Ty Lawson in the lockerroom after the Heels ACC Championship. He says he's almost positive he's coming back next year and so is Wayne Ellington. He said he hasn't talked to Brandon Wright but believes he should go if he's projected as a high draft pick. Lawson also said he has no idea what Hansbrough will do.

Lawson was funny because he said Coach Williams told him he needs to stay and has things to learn so he plans to stay. Pretty funny.

We'll see if things change if they were to win a national championship!

The biggest thing that I'll take away from after the game in the lockerrooms was NC State. It was not a depressing sad scene in there. While they are upset they lost, I think this is really something the team feels they can learn from and come back as a strong team next year.

Should be fun!

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