Thursday, March 15, 2007

Duke and Davidson in Buffalo for the NCAA Tourney

From Terry Brooks:

What's up everybody? Before we get to the Blue Devils and Wildcats let me take you through my journey here to the home of the Bills and Sabres. My photographer Gavin MacRoberts and myself (the1 and only Terry Brooks) got to Buffalo Tuesday at 5:03. The airport looks a little smaller than RDU but the rental cars are right next to baggage claim. Gets you out in a hurry. We get to our hotel the Hyatt Regency and it's got a really nice lobby. We check in and find out that a couple of teams that are competing in the college national swim tournament are staying here as well. Who knew? Off to the arena to give you faithful viewers an establishing shot. That's TV talk for a shot that lets you know we're here. After we wrap, problem...The laptop won't feed. We try and try but nothing....We come up with Plan B...Believe me there's always Plan B in TV...I'll do a phoner with Jim Connors during Sportsnight...Not to talk down to anybody, but a phoner is a phone interview. Just making sure we're all on the same page....The phoner goes great. We talk about the weather...about 50 degrees lower than Raleigh....and I give my take on both Duke and Davidson games....Duke has to show up against VCU...Davidson can stay with Maryland because of Stephen Curry's shooting....After that we eat at the home for buffalo wings...Hey we're in Buffalo why not....So we go to the Anchor Bar...This is the place where it all started....anddddddddd....I was not impressed...Maybe I ordered the wrong ones but buffalo wings in buffalo were about a 'C'. Enough of my menu let's move on. Wednesday arrives and we get to the arnena at a little after 11 to setup for the, editors, computer, everything you need to make you feel like you're right here in Buffalo...12 gets here and it's time to go into the lockerroom and interview Davidson players. I look over the media guide and see 2 guys went to the same high school and that it was in Quebec....QUEBEC!!!!! How did Davidson get not 1 but 2 Canadiens on the same team in the middle of NC...I had to find out..The story ran on Sportsnight last night and I'm pretty sure you can find it on that was interesting.....Curry gets off the podium and he looks like he's 14 or 15 year's old and this is the kid who's second in the nation among college freshmen in scoring...WOW...He reminds me of another babyfaced assassin Randolph Childress...Same kind of game, same kind of school boy look, but will drop a dagger on you in a minute...We wrap with Davidson and get our stuff back to the station...Duke's on at 3:45...K hits the podium and turns on the charm....The national writers drool...and he leaves American Express applications for everybody.....That's just a joke....It's a blog....Just a blog....While K's on the podium the lockerroom's open and we wind up turning a story on Gerald Henderson....My impression of the Duke players...They are extremely hype for the VCU game....People are openly picking against them and questioning whether this is going to be the team that breaks the 9 year streak of Sweet 16 apperances...Let me tell you Josh McRoberts and especially DeMarcus Nelson look like they're ready to go to war and will not be taking any prisoners...For all the talk about whether or not the dynasty is dead in Durham I really think people have awaken the sleeping dog if you will...Objectively I believe I'll be here for the entire weekend because if the feelilng that those players translate to the floor on Thursday it's going to be a long day for VCU...Duke 74 VCU 60....Davidson scares Maryland, Gary Williams sweats through his jacket, but the Terps knock off the Wildcats...80-75.

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