Monday, March 26, 2007

Seeing green

A buzz word here is "green," green as in green energy.

It seems that green is everywhere-- you see it in the High Point logo, you see it on the walls, the press center here even has a green motif.

What is green energy? Well, as Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue put it earlier today, North Carolina is going to convert this initiative into green cold cash.

Or better put, turning green into gold.

"Today much of the buzz surrounds environmentally friendly furniture," said Perdue.

Perdue said the government is going to work with local companies to make our state a leader in this movement.

"It starts in the the home," Perdue said.

That means furniture designers are looking at new ways to light rooms and create furniture from recycled wood products for example.

Here the furniture industry is trying to start a new trend by not relying on the consumer.

A lot is invested in this movement already in our state. State leaders are in the process of creating a new work force educated in all things green.

As Perdue said, "We in North Carolina do it best."

News 14 Carolina reporter Adrianne Flores will have more tomorrow morning on green energy.

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