Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Have One for Me

Alcohol Free Tournament

When I signed up for this event, no one said it was alcohol free. No doubt the parking lot at the "Joel" will be overflowing with fans and suds before tonight's game against Michigan State, but unfortuately, the company has an issue with employees working while impaired. And yes, at times my work appears as though I'm under the influence, but that's due more in part to the gray matter between my ears and not the amber ale in a long neck bottle. So what sporting event could a guy throw back a cold one or two and seemingly blend in? You guessed it before I could type out the acronym. NASCAR! Grown men with country twangs, driving a circle at 200 mph, jones'n for a title cup from a cell phone company that no longer exists. (Sprint bought Nextel two years ago). The "600" in Coca-cola 600 doesn't stand for the number of miles driven, it's the number of port-a-johns needed to dispense of all the golden flow. In fact, the aluminum recycling program from the "600" and the UAW 500 is said to be the second largest revenue source for the state of North Carolina after tourism. Talk about your pot of gold, or in this case "pond" of gold.

All kidding aside, please drink and drive responsibly. Keep this in mind tonight after Carolina serves up Michigan State.

Happy St. Patty's Day


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