Sunday, March 11, 2007

45 minutes til game time...

Well, here we are. One team expected, another well, not expected. It's 45 minutes til game time and I'm enjoying a little sandwich while typing this here old blog. Went to save my seat and a few of the players are out shooting around. Wes Miller seemed real relaxed talking with a couple friends. He should be relaxed though, he's in his senior year and this will be his last ACC tournament although it's his first in the championship game.

Conventional wisdom is Carolina will cruise to a victory. They are far superior in talent, depth, and rest. However, conventional wisdom means that NC State shouldn't even be here. A #10 seed never won a game little alone got to a championship game like this. Five days ago NC State though it's season would be over Thursday night. Now they have a chance to get into the NCAA tournament. Bottom line is they have nothing to lose in a lot of ways and can just play.

Should be fun!

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