Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Media, media everywhere!

Despite the small amount of coverage you actually see on our news casts at News 14, there are a lot of representatives from the media covering this event.

Nearly 500 to be somewhat exact.

What are these 500 people doing here?

Well besides eating the free food, we're all here for different reasons.

There is the usual cadre of local news people (like myself) who come from local TV stations, newspapers and radio stations.

We're here covering market as an event, lots of people here, how it's affecting the local people, what this means for the area, etc...

There's also people from the wire services. The Associated Press, Reuters, Bloomberg and so on and so forth. They're here for a variety of reasons. Business stories, features, trends, style and on and on and on.

Magazine publications are also here. Magazine writers are here for the fashion, they're looking for the new cool thing that everyone is going to want to have.

Then there's the trade magazines folks, and they are well represented-- I had no idea that there were magazines dedicated to things like light fixtures, rugs and upholstery.

The largest of the bunch, Furniture Today, is actually based here in High Point.

This is their shining moment.

They are here in force writing about the industry for the industry. I've overheard people writing stories on entertainment centers, apparently the new thing is designing them with more cable holes and smaller to handle flat screen TVs.

Oh and I can't forget color, warm purples are all the rage. That's according to "The Trend Curve" published by the International Authority on Trend Forecasting for Home Furnishings.

That's a mouthful and a half.

They're writing about fabrics and textures, dovetailing-- it's mind boggling.

Then there's the rogue agents.

Take for example Ivan Cutler, he's a furniture blogger. He writes about the industry just for his personal blog.

There's also a married couple here who operate a rug blog, that's right folks, they blog about rugs and from my understanding, they have a lot of fun doing it.

Speaking of food, it's lunch time and there's already a long line. More later.

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