Sunday, April 06, 2008


Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest but the countdown continues. Eight days until he arrives! Today, I looked over his itinerary. I remember back in 2005, being camped out in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral in Charlotte as the health of Pope John Paul II was failing. He was the only Pope I had ever really known and I learned so much about the conclave of Cardinals and the selection process of a new Pope during that time. I was reading today online, someone had written that Pope John Paul II was probably the most charismatic and active Pope. The article talked about how thousands flocked to the Vatican to see Pope John Paul II but today just as many or even more visit the Vatican to hear Pope Benedict XVI, to listen to his teachings. I wonder what his legacy will be, what impact he will leave on Americans during this visit. He celebrates his 81st birthday on April 16th, some say because of his age, this may be his only trip to the U.S.

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