Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 4 - The Papal Mass

We did not have credentials to get inside the Papal Mass but we were allowed to stand somewhat near the stadium (We were not close at all, if you are in Charlotte we were basically standing near the convention center...relate that distance to BofA stadium and thousands of people and street vendors, it was all roped off, so we only had a small block we could get access to). Security was everywhere...I just wanted to get near the doors at least so I can catch some of our group going in, but no luck. Members of the Raleigh Diocese were great, they were able to allot tickets for us, but we couldn't get by with the camera equipment. I literally stood on a street corner near the stadium with a sign that read "North Carolina". With thousands passing by, only a few stopped, some were UNC grads and finally we found a few natives. I knew people inside, but that was the problem, they were all inside. After the Mass...they were on one side, we were stuck on another and security was not giving us any leniency at all, which is understandable. It probably didn't help that we were an out of town station, if they were familiar with us and our station, maybe they would've let it slide. I did speak to several people on the phone to get a feel for what they thought of the Mass. Unfortunately many were heading home immediately following the Mass and we are on our way back to the Basilica of the National Shrine. See you at 5pm!

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