Saturday, April 05, 2008

Questions to ask

As more people find out about the trip, many ask me how close will I get to the Holy Father. Probably not close at all. There are about five thousand media coming from all over the world to cover this historic event. My news director, Jim Newman calls it, "...a Superbowl for one person."There will be tight security and thousands of people. Luckily, we have media partners like CNN and NY-1 that can help us with video of the actual events, like the Pope's arrival. Some people have also asked if I will be interviewing the Pope. Not likely. When he's not traveling in the Popemobile, he'll be surrounded by an entourage of security. He has his own Secret Service detail. If I did have the chance to sit down with him there's so much I would ask, I could probably be there for hours. If you could ask the Pope one question, what would it be?

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