Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tuesday 1/22/08 The Morning After

It's the day after the debate and the buzz amongst Edwards supports is "he won the debate". We're in Conway SC, small thriving town west of Myrtle Beach. We're inside an old peanut warehouse. Not too many peanuts being shelled here anymore. Mostly this place serves wedding parties and such. Today there are about 150 die hard Edwards supporters and a couple of fence sitters. We actually found one disenfranchised republican. The highlight of Edwards' speech comes early when he tells the crowd he was the "grown up in the democratic debate".
Edwards would speak for about 45 minutes. We got word yesterday we would be granted a "coveted" one on one interview with John after the mass media briefing. We quickly realized this wasn't going to happen when we followed Edwards to his bus and the doors closed in our face. John, you just lost my vote.


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