Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday 1/25/08 Edwards' Last Stand

We're in the home stretch and talk on the street is John Edwards' campaign is as well. So what keeps him going? Another VP nomination? Cabinet position? Maybe in Obama's White House, doubtful in Hillary's. I applaud his conviction, but it's not cheap running a campaign and there are other avenues to spend money to make an impact on society and the government.

Edwards addressed a crowd of about 100 at the Columbia convention center. This was supposed to be a "get out the youth vote" event, but almost half the folks were over fifty. Edwards reused his line about being the grown up candidate in regards to Monday's debate. Everyone had already heard it so it fell somewhat flat on the crowd. There was nothing new or dynamic to inspire young adults to "rock" the vote. Hard to believe he took this state four years ago with 40 percent of the vote and now he's trailing Obama by double digits. Probably says more about what SC felt about John Kerry than John Edwards.

It's been a great two weeks, but I'm looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. We haven't been eating high on the hog, but we've eaten well. My body fat index is starting to show it.
My hotel bathroom has a three way mirror. Why I do not know, but I'm hear to tell you, there are certain parts of my anatomy I really didn't need to see. I won't mention the chia pet growing on my back. I can grow hair on my neck, back, shoulders and ears, but not on the top of my head. That is a follicle free zone.

Tim's voice still sounds like an old man's who smoked 3 packs a day for 30 years. Our travels together have always been interesting. First time was the ACC tournament in Washington DC. I ended up with pneumonia. I was transported from the MCI Center via ambulance to George Washington University Hospital with my right lung full of fluid. By the way, my worst experience with the American health care system. Fitting it would happen in the nation's capitol. Two years later Tim and I are returning from Camp Lejeune when the engine blows a spark plug. I mean blasted it right out of the engine. We left the truck in Kinston. And now two more years later here we are expected to be live every 30 minutes from John Edwards' watch party and Tim has no voice. We're taking a crash course in sign language.

So our last horrah is tomorrow night at Jillian's in the downtown district. Tim tells me it was jam packed in '04. Obama will be a block away at the convention center. Hillary will be in Tennessee. At least dinner won't come from KFC. I may have to settle for soup and salad. Don't want those love handles becoming pistol grips.


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