Friday, January 25, 2008

Thursday 1/24/08 Former First Lady

In my last email I never answered the question as to whether I felt Mrs. Obama would make a good first lady. No doubt she would and I'm a registered republican. She's smart, articulate, gracious and well grounded. Which is in contrast with her husband's main opposition. I'm not bashing Hilary, it's just hard to see the conviction behind the presentation.

Today was going to be a long one. We were in eastern Columbia and Mrs. Clinton was to speak at 11am in Greenville (western SC). In addition to covering her speech, we needed to drive back to Columbia (2 hours each way), file our story by 5pm and light and shoot the ins and outs for our half "Political Connections" show. The temperature dipped into the forties which made shooting stand ups outside the state capitol lots of fun. NOT!

The surprise of the day was security or lack of it considering this is a former First Lady. Don't get me wrong, the last thing I want to do is get poked and prodded with 50 pounds of gear on my back. We showed our media credentials and we were in. Fantastic considering Tim misjudged the driving time and we almost missed the media cutoff point. Once again the photog gods were smiling on us. We arrived with 10 minutes to spare and found a spot on the front riser. GOLDEN!

If there is one word to describe Mrs. Clinton, it's "machine". It doesn't matter how she presents her agenda, in the end it feels like a machine. Just churning it out. I don't doubt she believes in what she is preaching, but I'm sure she hasn't been to the local Wal Mart in quite awhile.

It was nice meeting the former First Lady, even if it was through a camera lens from 100 feet away. She looked great. ABC news approached us afterwards to see if we got another exclusive interview. We didn't even think about asking due to what we believed would be heavy security.

We hustled back to Columbia, uplinked the package and began lighting the capitol. I'm sure a number of people were wondering what the heck this forty year old man was doing running extension cords across the capitol steps to light two palm trees on the front lawn. I think a couple of network boys thought I was nuts as well.

Much like the candidates, Tim's voice is all but gone. A mixture of flu like symptoms and stress from the daily grind of voicing multiple stories. Scratchy as it was he muscled through the ins and outs. We wrapped at 1op, got a late bite at the local IHOP and called it a night. Hard to believe it , but in the last two weeks I've been on the road with the next President of the United States.

This is why I got into the business. Every day is different.


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