Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wolfpack in the Big D

Greetings from Dallas, Texas. I just arrived here a few hours ago getting ready for NC State to play California in the first round of the NCAA tournament. For those who follow the pack, what a difference a year makes. If you'll remember, last year the team played in the chilly conditions up in the NE during its Sweet 16 run. This year...much warmer. That being said, the welcome is the exact opposite. While in Syracuse, the red carpet was rolled out for NC State. There were signs everywhere and everyone wanted to know about the team. In Dallas, workers at the team hotel didn't even know they were coming. I guess that's what you get in a big town.

Anyway, it's exactly 2 days until game time. I'm interested to see the fan interest in this team following the disappointing end of the season. A month ago, everyone thought the pack would be a high seed. Now, they're an underdog again in the first round. But then again, the team did well in that role last year. Let's just hope they can make California look like UNCC and Texas like UCONN.

I'm off to go meet the team as they arrive at their hotel. At least they'll be one person there welcoming them.

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