Friday, March 10, 2006

A Photog's view of the first two days

It has been a busy tournament for us the past few days. I have been going full steam the past two days. We arrived Wednesday afternoon, spent an hour finding a parking place for the live truck, tune in on the satellite, and get our credentials. After that, we were running around trying to find a story. One fan had a beer cooler modified into a scooter, I wish I could have commandeered it for the rest of the tournament. Oh well, I'm on the news team weight loss plan. It involves running after a reporter chasing leads for a story, while carrying 40-50 pounds of equipment. We didn't get a chance to eat on Wednesday night, I made sure to make up for it on Thursday. Thursday wasn't bad, just long. The first story we went to work on didn't happen, we had to postpone it until Friday. We also tried to get an interview with someone with the ACC to get some numbers and info about the tournament, we didn't get to talk to him until around eight at night (he must have been real busy). For the five o'clock show, we had a deadline to feed our first package of the day. I busted my tail to get it edited in time, run across the coliseum to the feed location, and then had to wait for the press conference that we were feeding back to the station to wrap up. Hurry up and wait, I think that it is the main ingredient for heartburn. Yesterday was also kind of cool. We were working a story about souvenirs for sale on the concourse, when two ladies started to cheer on NC State for the camera. We decided to interview them and discovered that their grandmother has been to every single ACC Tournament, from the first one on to the present. What luck, sometimes the best stories just step in front of you for you to grasp and hold on to. We set up an interview for Friday, right before the State game. That just made Friday a whole lot easier. We had to stick around and help out with the sports show at 10. We didn't get back to the hotel room until 11:30. We had to get back up at 4:30 am to do a live shot from the Tournament floor. After the live shot, we ran back to the hotel to grab a nap before we had to shoot again at ten. We shot are first package at the fanfest pavilion in half-an-hour. I love these types of shoots, everything is right there and you don't have to take long the cool shots. I even got a chance to watch the first ten minutes of the Duke/Miami game. That was fun, I managed to find a seat among the reporters right on the floor. I think it was the best seat in the house, free with a great view. Well, back to the grindstone and pump out a few more stories. Catch you later.

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