Thursday, March 09, 2006

Miami/Clemson coming down to the wire

Whew, I'm here, and it's time to talk ACC basketball. Everything about the ACC Tournament is first class. As Kenneth mentioned in his blog, they treat both the fans and media who attend the game quite nicely. The first game today has been about like most people expected. Neither Clemson nor Miami have shot the ball particularly well. Vernon Hamilton is the main reason Clemson is ahead right now. He has just played outstanding. Diaz has kept Miami in it with some acrobatic shots. The crowd was pretty barren when the game started, but it's filling in nicely now. As I'm typing this, the Tigers are clinging to a 3-point lead with about five minutes remaining in the game. Miami is playing good defense and they definitely have the momentum right now. Plan to see a lot more blogs in the next few days. I want to talk to college students spending their spring break here in Greensboro rooting for their alumni. I also want to talk to young kids whose parents have already helped turn them into die-hard fans. And also, look for a blog about buying tickets at the ACC Tournament. Is there a technique to buying them? Will an N.C. State fan really sell their tickets to a UNC fan? I'll find out!

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