Saturday, March 11, 2006

Heels sharp from long range

Wes Miller, David Noel, and Reyshawn Terry are all shooting the ball pretty well from long range and giving UNC fans something to cheer about.

BC is hanging tough, however, and UNC can't pull away. There have been a few big momentum changes in this game although I don't think it has affected the score very much. David Noel's dunk ignited the Tar Heel crowd early, but a Boston College block on Tyler Hansbrough stole the momentum right back.

I love seeing the families of players here cheering for their sons, brothers and nephews. Hansbrough's brother is here at the game wearing the Carolina jersey with the grey on the top that all the ACC teams wore during the Big Ten-ACC Challenge. Those two look exactly alike; it's scary.

I don't think any relative will ever have as much school spirit as Eric Williams' mother though. She's a "can't-miss" at all the Wake Forest games.

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