Friday, March 17, 2006

Game Day for the Wolfpack

We are 6 hours away from tip off. I went to the team's practice yesterday. You would think the team would be tight after limping into the tournament with 4 straight losses, but that's not the case. They were joking around and having a good time. Most importantly, they seemed confident. They hope to be back in midseason form when they were nationally ranked. During the shootaround, they were hitting three's left and right. If they can do that against Cal, they stand a really good chance of advancing.

As far as fans, most haven't arrived yet. Those at the practice were with the band or boosters. I'm really hoping the fans turn out to support the team.

It appears much of the media decided to hope off the Wolfpack bandwagon. I've only seen one other station from NC here in town. Apparently, they decided to spend all of their resources on the other Carolina teams. That's disappointing because this team is tight and has a lot of heart. If they can get back to midseason form....they could make a run in this tournament.

Hopefully, I'll be writing more good news after the game.

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