Friday, March 17, 2006

The first day in Dayton

Today seems to be our businest day here. As a photographer I'm responsible for setting up the Satellite truck to feed video back to North Carolina, I then have to go inside the arena to set up the equipment to record off the NCAA video feed they are providing the media. The set up is not bad making sure that everything is working properly is usually where it can be tricky (you have to rely on others to make sure that there equipment is working properly). Back in North Carolina as part of my preparation I made a call the arena officials and the gave me an ideal where to park the Satellite truck and what the rules are, so I was not blind coming in. Terry and I grab bite to eat at the hotel (when you are on road trips carbs are your friend since you don't know when you may eat again) and we are off to the University of Dayton Arena. We arrive early and get a prime parking spot. Then we are off to the inside of to see where the media is stationed at. After getting our credential we go through what seems like a maze, but the good thing is that the NCAA has large blue signs everywhere; I follow the TV media signs, a right, then a left, then another right, down a hill and half way down the hill on the left is the TV compound (it cozy so everybody has to be understanding of one another). So after a five minute scope of things we head back to the truck and start the journey of transporting our record equipment. Actually on the outside I notice that they have a better parking spot for the Satellite truck so I decide to move while doing that Terry is transporting the equipment inside(teamwork is the only way to suceed). Once re-positioned I transported the rest of the equipment inside. Once inside we begin what can be the most nerve racking part of the whole trip: setting it up. With most photographers when we have to set up equipment for any type of recording or live event we like to get there as early as possible. Our first real assignment is not for a good two hours but I'm treating like it was going to happen in 10 minutes. I really believe that in order to have things go come off smoothly you must be in an intense almost panic mode. Where do we plug in for video and audio, is it connected right to our equipment, is our equipment set up right, are we getting proper video and sound? These are just some of the questions you keep going over and over in your mind until you have tested it numerous times and find no flaws. We get that done just in time for the practice to start.

Mission One is complete:
Now that the Satellite truck and record equiptment is set up and working properly, we now move to our second half of the days getting the teams interview and open practice. The good thing about us is that the Tarheels are last on at 4:30, so that gives up time to rest. Oh yeah Davidson (another North Carolina team) is in the Dayton bracket as well and they are first up. So after we get some interviews from them and few shots of the practice we feed that back to the station along with a report from Terry being here in Dayton. So it's 2pm and we have a couple hours of down time. Lunch is in order so we go and grab that. In the news business it can be a situation where you have a long day but the busiest part will be the end of the day this is one of those days. We know that both of our stories will have to be shot and edited in the a small window of time (like three hours) oh yeah along with live shots.

Mission Two:
As we are waiting I start seeing that Carolina Blue show up in the back areas of the arena. I know that it's close. The I look out in the hallway from the coumpound and see a very tall kid in blue with braids walking down the hill to the locker room area. It's showtime THE TARHEELS are in the building looking for a repeat of last year. I gearing up to shot the fans, very tall people who make dunks, jumpshots and the game of basketball look effortless. Terry and I make our way through the crowd to the sea of Carolina blue. I never realized that there were so many Tarheels fans in Ohio. I think it's the colors that got them hooked (having a basketball dynasty doesn't hurt either). That 90 minutes of shooting went really fast for me, by the time I was done it looked had been practing with them. Off to the compound and put the stories together. That part went like a blur too Terry wrote and I cut the stories went outside; set up the live shot for the first story did that one at 8pm turned right back around and did it another story on the team with another live shot for the sports show. We are done by 11pm. Found a meal and was back in the hotel by Midnight watching my eyelids at 12:45.

All in all the day went smoothly so I'm feeling good because this was the busiest day of the weekend. I just have to remember not to get lax because the games start tomorrow and that is when we cover the reason why we drove nine and a half hours. It's work but it is exciting.


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